Strong, fragile, intelligent and independent, these are the words that best describe a Welsh Sheepdog. With this article, explore detailed information about Welsh Sheepdog breed.

Welsh Sheepdog

Breed: Herding
Height: 46 cm
Weight: 16-20 kg
Coat Type: Short and smooth to medium length
One of the most ingenuous and composed canine, Welsh Sheepdog has unmatched herding and livestock handling abilities that not many dogs boast of. Adaptable to their work, Welsh Sheepdogs have a natural instinct for stock and can use their own initiative in chasing a stock. They are agile and fast and can rush to the sheep from rocks or any undergrowth. The immense strength and good stamina makes them natural herding dogs. These dogs are however not suitable as a pet ownership, unless the owner is prepared to train the dog in open field, as these dogs require daily workouts. Welsh Sheepdogs are highly energetic and obedient at the same time. This article will provide you with interesting information on the Welsh Sheepdog breed.
Welsh Sheepdog is believed to have been originated in the 19th century, in Wales. It is believed that the working collies in Scotland were crossed with some old native Welsh breeds to give birth to the Welsh Sheepdog, also called as the ‘Welsh Collie’. Some of the ancestors of the present Welsh Sheepdog are ‘the shaggy Old Welsh Grey’, ‘the black and Tan Sheepdog’, and the sable or ‘Blue Merle Hellman’. The Welsh Sheepdog Society was formed in the year 1997.
The Welsh Sheepdog is medium to large in size and well proportioned. It has a short and smooth coat in black, black and tan, red, sable, blue merle or roan, with or without white markings. The ears of a Welsh Sheepdog might be pricked or folded forward. These dogs usually have an alert expression, an active disposition and are highly intelligent. This breed of dog is quite adaptive to work. They come with long sized legs and have a broad chest, which is quite deep. They have a rather wide shaped muzzle, wider than the Border Collie breed of dog.
Welsh Sheepdog is an intelligent and independent breed of dog. This herding dog is extremely active and always needs a job to do. Generally sweet and protective, they can prove out to be great guard dog, barking at intruders. Welsh Sheepdogs are a responsive, sensitive and obedient breed of dog. They are easy to train due to their increased levels of intelligence. The canines have a willingness to please their master. They are not obsessive or hyper and work with a low-stress, upright working style. With effective leadership, they have the ability to protect, gather, sort, shed, head, heel, lead, drive, and have an outrun that is a mile out. The dog feels comfortable with kids, though it might turn violent at times. Welsh Sheepdogs are protective, courageous, friendly, clever and pleasant. They have an alert expression and an active disposition. They need the companionship of a family or other breed of dogs.
Genetic Disease
Some of the Collie breed of dogs suffers from a mutation within the MDR1 gene. The affected dogs are very sensitive to certain drugs as well as to certain antibiotics. Canine cyclic neutropenia or grey Collie syndrome is another genetic disease that this breed inherits. This is a stem cell disorder. The affected puppies hardly live more than 6 months of age.
These breed of dogs do not require much grooming. Two times brushing in a week is sufficient to remove unwanted dead hair and keep your dog clean. This would also help in minimizing shedding as well. Bathing these dogs should be kept to the minimal as their coats are naturally waterproof. Too frequent bathing can also result in reducing their weather-resistant capacity.

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