A fish is known by the companions it keeps. If you are planning to get an aquarium for your house or office, knowing the best fishes for your aquarium will help. Read on for more.

Best Aquarium Fish

Have you ever marveled at the sight of little colorful fishes, all dotted, speckled and multihued, moving together in a company? Did you long for a fish tank as multi-faceted as the fish themselves? Fish keeping is more of an art than science and owning an aquarium takes a little more than just ‘passion’ for your piscine friends. While it is important to deck up your fish tank aesthetically, knowing the nitty-gritty of fish keeping can go a long way to create a suitable habitat for your fish. The first step towards doing some heavy fish-petting, is to get your fishes right. Remember, not all fishes get along together. In case you get the most incompatible of fishes to live together, be prepared to watch your fish tank convert into a war zone! While it is easy to fall for those virtually attractive looking fishes when deciding for your aquarium, the best would be to go for ones that are easy to maintain, potent breeders and are compatible in the given surrounding. There are hundreds of types of fishes available. All you have to do is that visit a local fish shop to find out the fishes of your choice. Here is a list of common aquarium fishes. A quick read will help you make an informed choice when you go to buy your fishes. Read on for more.
Best Fishes For Your Aquarium
Catfish with their cute cat-like whiskers or barbells are best-loved options for your aquarium. These fishes with their smooth, slender, non-scaly, silvery icy blue or at times light green appearance are better famed as scavengers and are fish geek’s best friend. Catfishes are best bet for aquariums, since they are non-aggressive and gel well with most fishes, except a few. Surprisingly, these nocturnal water critters actually help to keep aquariums clean by nibbling all the excess food that hoards up at the bed of the tank. These colorful, industrious fishes can thrive on any diet and hence require minimum maintenance as compared to its other piscine mates.
Characiformes are small fishes that come in all sizes, shapes and shades. These brightly colored fresh water fishes come with a long slender body and a heightened visual acuity, thanks to their large eyes. Characiformes like tetras, hatchetfishes, pencilfishes are popular aquarium fishes.
 Cichlids make for wonderful pets, as these freshwater fishes come is small and medium sizes. These bright-colored fishes are popular among aquarium fishes, since they are non-fussy eaters who like to feed on prepared fish foods, breed enthusiastically and also practice brood care in confinement. They can be aggressive during gestation and brooding and may actively guard their territory when hatching. Dwarf cichlids and angelfish are two species of cichlids who will happily adjust in aquariums, if right conditions are provided.
Perhaps the most popular species of cypriniforms to be found in most aquariums is the goldfish. This attractive colored fish is widely preferred by hobbyists for their hardiness, ease maintenance and willingness to breed. Other popular cypriniforms include barbs, red tail sharks, loaches, koi, danios, rasboras, and more. Koi are varieties of common carp domesticated for their beauty. These fishes bear a close resemblance to goldfishes and are preferred by the hobbyists as potential breeders.
Koi Cyprinodonts
Preferred for their beauty, virility and strength, koi cyprinodonts like toothcarps and killifish are widely domesticated by several aquarists. They are potential breeders, mate easily, thrive on shrimp food or bloodworms and are aggressive in nature. The toothcarps consist of the egg layers that can be rare and difficult for beginners.
Labyrinth Fish
Labyrinth fishes are probably one of the best for piscine lovers to ornate their fish tanks. Labyrinth fishes are usually small fishes, best known for their peaceful disposition. These fishes get along well with almost all the fishes, excepting a few aggressive ones. They are known for their rare ability to breathe in polluted water. Some of the much-preferred forms of labyrinths are gouramis, fighting fish, combtails, and paradise fish among others. 
Rainbowfish is group of small and usually colorful fishes found in the southern hemisphere. These fishes tend to have a gleaming quality to their skin that makes them change colors as they move through the light. Best known for their beauty and sturdiness, these small, peaceful, and vibrant fishes are excellent choice for aquarists who like their fish to spawn in the aquarium. Rainbowfish and silversides are two of the best variety available.

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