Aquarium decoration is easy and can be done by putting in little or no effort. With this article, check out the ideas and tips for the perfect aquarium décor.

Aquarium Decoration

Are you planning to get an aquarium for your house? Be it as a hobby or just an add-on to the living room, an aquarium certainly spices up the look of the place, bringing in more energy and vitality. One of the popular activities aquarium owners undertake is festooning it.  A wide variety of fish swimming in exotic looking aquarium is surely a sight to behold. The best feature about aquarium decoration is that it can be done with minimal effort and money. All that it requires is some creativity and imagination. In the following lines, we have provided trendy ideas and tips for aquarium decoration.
Factors That Determine Aquarium Décor 
  • First you need to understand that much of the aquarium decoration would depend on the kind of look you want to display. If you want the look of a ancient Roman Parthenon, the decoration would be one that reflects the theme set.
  • The kind of fish you want to keep would also decide the décor pattern. While some fish prefer certain setups, there are others that might prefer a different setup.
  • The size of the aquarium would be a matter of consideration as well. The size and shape of the aquarium would determine how many, what type, and what size fish and plants should be used. The decoration for a small aquarium should be such that it allows for free movement of the fishes and at the same time looks attractive and beautiful. 
 Ideas & Tips For Aquarium Decoration 
  • The background color of the aquarium is an important choice to make. As per the placement of the aquarium, the background colors would also vary. While black would give a deep, shaded feel, dark green will reflect a lush, shaded feel. A brighter shade of green indicates verdant feelings, whereas dark blue radiates coolness.
  • In case you want to display a look of the ancient Roman Parthenon, a treasure or a chest box, replicas of sunken ship or boats, bridges and deep sea divers would make a great choice. The diver can also simultaneously play the role of a bubble creator in the aquarium.
  • Aquarium creature ornaments are in great vogue in the present times. Designed in the shape of a frog, toad or tortoise, they would add to the beauty of the aquarium. Frogs with comments, such as 'no fishing here' or 'water is life', would be interesting.
  • In case your aquarium does not allow putting in real plants, placing artificial ones would be a great choice. They would add color to the aquarium. Also, fake plants are extremely easy to wash and clean.
  • Positioning of decoration items is an important consideration. The placement of the items should be such that it highlights the attractive parts, while downplaying the others. Also, rocks should be so positioned that they create an illusion of depth. For this, place leaning rocks and driftwood at angles, rather than horizontal and vertical positions.
  • At the time of placing plants, sand, gravel, rocks, and other decor, make sure to have plenty of nooks, caves, and tunnels that the fish can explore.
  • A twisted knotted wood would lend a natural impression to the aquarium. These are also great for creating artistic angles, structures, shapes and forms.
  • Corals, marbles, shells, and natural driftwood, make popular decoration pieces for the aquarium. They would create an exotic background and also enhance the magnificence of your aquarium.
  •  Lastly, do not forget to get vibrant and exquisite colored fish for your aquarium!!! Nothing can match the glamour of their exotic and flawless beauty!!

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