Choosing a vacuum cleaner is not an easy task, but can be made simple by following the tips given in this article. Read on to know how to choose a vacuum cleaner.

How To Choose A Vacuum Cleaner

There was a time when buying an appliance for your house used to as simple as snapping your finger. Say ten years back, for buying a vacuum cleaner, all you had to do was go to a shop and pick it up. However, today the situation has changed. The moment you enter an electronics shop, the sheer variety being offered in a single appliance overwhelms you. So, buying something like a vacuum cleaner will surely need a lot of pondering. It is a big process in itself and you need to go through it properly. There are more than a dozen brands of vacuum cleaners available in the market, with a large number of models and buying one of them is like searching a needle from a stack of hay. With the launch of a new model almost everyday, the process becomes all the more difficult. The best tips that you need to keep in mind is that invest in an appliance that you will be happy to use even after ten years down the line, without actually cribbing about a new model in the market. Read on to know how to choose a vacuum cleaner that fits your need, without making a hole in your pocket.
Choosing A Vacuum Cleaner 
  • Choose the vacuum cleaner according to your floor type. If you have a hard floor, like tiles or wood flooring, a canister vacuum would be the best option for you. Upright vacuum cleaners are better for carpet flooring. Canister offers more versatility, but is difficult to lug around. You can also ask the salesperson about the one that would prove the best for your floor.
  • Consider the height and the weight of the vacuum cleaner, before buying it. Some cleaners may work very well in your home, but if they are very heavy, you would not be able to use them on a daily basis. Similarly, height should also be kept in mind. If the vacuum cleaner is too low and you have to bend to use it, it may not be a good investment.
  • You can invest in a wet or a dry vacuum cleaner. The latter helps you wash all types of surfaces, irrespective of the situation. However, it is quite heavy and if you don’t have a very big house to clean, it’s better not to go for the same.
  • Check the wheels of your vacuum cleaner. You should be able to move it on any surface, without much difficulty.
  • You need to check the chord length also. The larger the chord length, the better will it clean, as it would reach even difficult places with ease. Plus, you will not have to change the power socket every time.
  • Check for the attachments and accessories, which come with the vacuum cleaner. The number should be enough for all your cleaning needs.
  • The capacity of your vacuum cleaner is one of the main factors to consider. It should be large enough to ensure that you don’t have to empty the dust bags before you are through with your cleaning. However, remember that a big capacity vacuum cleaner will be heavy as well.
  • Check for the vacuum filters. There are different types of filters available and the most important ones are standard, lifetime and HEPA or S-class. HEPA and S-class ones can trap up to hundred percent of allergens, however a standard one may only offer a basic filtration. A vacuum cleaner with lifetime filtration doesn’t need to be replaced. However, remember the better the filtration, the more expensive would the vacuum cleaner be.
  • Check out the suction power of the vacuum cleaner. The more the suction power, the better cleaning would it offer. One more factor that you should keep in mind is electricity consumption. Your vacuum cleaner should not consume too much electricity, as then, it would become a bane for you.
  • The vacuum cleaner should not have a complicated switch system and should be easy to use, access and handle.
  • The cleaner should come under your budget. Keep an estimate in mind and don’t go over it. Don’t get dazzled by the awesome advertisements. Choose sensibly.
  • Finally, before choosing the vacuum cleaner, check with the guarantee or warrantee, the brand is offering. Read the terms and conditions and take advice from your friends who already have a cleaner. Happy shopping!

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