Vacuum sealers are great little tools that help in preserving the left over food. However, buying the best one is a must. Explore this article to find tips on how to buy a vacuum sealer.

How To Find A Vacuum Sealer

A vacuum sealer is a small tool that helps in removing air from the packaging, sealing the food in and keeping it fresh for storing. Since there is no supply of oxygen in the packaging, the food stays five times fresher with vacuum sealers and hence, does not get spoilt. They also prevent insects and mold from infesting the food and thus, save your money on purchasing food again, as you throw less stale or spoilt food. Vacuum sealers are used to store seasonal clothing as well. The clothing is compressed through the vacuum sealer which is easily fitted into smaller storage spaces, thus saving a lot of your room space. Silverware can also be stored clean and free of corrosion using a vacuum sealer, as it does not come in contact with air. Different types of vacuum sealers are available today in the market. Vacuum bags are useful for storing spaghetti, while sealer jars can be used to keep sauces, as they are less messy and more effective. For preserving vegetables and fruits, vacuum sealer lids prove the most effective. Read on to find out tips on how to buy a vacuum sealer.
Buying Vacuum Sealers
  • Manual vacuum pumps can only be used with canisters or jars. They do not remove all the oxygen in a container and cannot completely prevent mold or staleness.
  • Fan-operated plastic bag sealers also do not remove the air from the bag. Though they can increase the shelf life of the foods, they are not as reliable or effective as commercial electric sealers.
  • The only vacuum sealers that eliminate oxygen completely from the sealed bag are electric pump vacuum sealers. Food stored in such sealers is safe from exposure to air, insects and mold.
  • Electric pumps are the most expensive sealers, while manual pumps are the least expensive.
  • While selecting an electric pump vacuum sealer, ensure that it has an indicator or gauge that will beep or let you know that the seal is achieved.
  • Do not overdo the vacuum sealer on a glass jar. This requires an electric pump vacuum sealer so that the glass does not implode when too much suction is applied.
  • While choosing plastic bag sealers, select the ones that are made of polyethylene, as they are the strongest and the most reliable.
  • Some models of vacuum sealers come along with commercial filters that are used to keep the vacuum sealer free from dust. Containers that contain powdery substances like sugar or spices are likely to be sucked by the vacuum sealer. The filter is placed over the jar adapter to prevent too much suction of the powders.
  • Vacuum sealers are not an alternative to refrigeration. Food products that are to be stored in the refrigerator or freezer should be kept there even after they have been vacuum-packed.

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