Choosing a unique and perfect pet name for your pet can be challenging, but the following article will prove to be helpful. Know the tips on how to choose the right pet names.

How To Choose Pet Names

You have a pet, but it doesn’t have a name as yet? Looking for a name for your pet? This article is sure to help you out in choosing the right name for your newly owned treasure. Pets have always been important for most homes and are taken care of just like a new baby, who has been brought from the hospital. One of the fun things after getting a new pet is to find the perfect name for it. There are a number of names to choose from, apart from the numerous ways in which you can select one. A name should be such that you are comfortable in calling your pet by it, as you will be living with it for a long time. Read on further to know some tips on how to choose the right pet names.
Choosing The Right Name For Your Pet
Famous Names
Look for famous pet names in history, as they can be a good source of inspiration for naming your pet. Choose a name of a famous poet or a famous character in history, in case you want to turn your pet into a little celebrity. A few such notable names include Old Yeller, Lassie, Buddy, Benji, Rover and Rufus.
In case your pet is all black, you can name it Midnight or Shadow. As for other shades and patterns of your pet, you can opt from Soft Spice, Energize, Lemon Squash, Bermuda and Matt.
Certain Characteristic or Personality Trait
Most often, pet owners select a name based on their personality or trait that they have. For a pet that is affectionate and runs fast, you can name Sweety or Speedie. For one that is playful, you can call him Rascal.
Famous Fictional Characters
There are certain fictional character names that make a good match for pets. You can select a name from children’s books, cartoon characters, TV programs or favorite movies. Ensure that the name is appropriate, so that you wouldn’t mind calling out in a public setting.
Names Beginning with Hard Consonants
Names that begin with K, T, M or S are easier to recognize and pronounce that those beginning with a vowel or other consonants. Such names are easily picked up by dogs, especially in a crowd or other noisy setting. Ensure that the name does not rhyme with or sound like a word you might use in training your pet.
Short and Sweet
Very long names make it difficult to train the pet. Since most dogs are sensitive, they need to hear only the first few syllables of their name to react. In case you wish to choose an especially long name, shorten it to a nickname having only one or two syllables.  
Battle of the Bands
You can select the name of a band you like or the name that best fits your pet. Look at the chart of Top singles and albums for choosing one. Few examples include Goldfrapp (for a gerbil), Pulp (for a Alsatian), Pink (for a gecko) and Black Eyed Pea (for a rabbit).

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