Imagine a cuckoo popping out to tell you the time every hour. Sounds cute! However, there are certain things to consider before buying such a clock & enjoying its cuckoo. Know how to buy cuckoo clocks

How To Buy Cuckoo Clocks

In today’s time, where highly sophisticated new age time devices have come to dominate the scene, the importance of clocks have been reduced to mere embellishments. Wall clocks are now more preferred for their aesthetic appeal, rather than their pure utility. In this content, cuckoo clocks are a huge favorite with many. The very idea of a cuckoo popping out to tell the time sounds cute; doesn’t it! If you are also planning to get a cuckoo clock for your house, there are certain things you would like to consider - like the size, shape, price and so on - before you buy one. You would also like to consider the different levels of detail in the clock- from the unique, delicate artwork to novelty clocks for children’s rooms. Here is a detailed guide on tips to consider, when you are wondering how to buy cuckoo clocks.
Things To Consider Before Buying A Cuckoo Clock
  • Wall clocks can pep up any dull room and cuckoo clocks certainly add to a room’s appeal. So, before buying a cuckoo clock, you would surely like to stop to consider its style. Cuckoo clocks come in various shape, size, shades and style. You can go for the traditional Schilduhr cuckoo clock, the more popular Bahnhausle clocks or the more innovative Swiss Chalet clocks.
  • If you are thinking of buying a cuckoo clock, the price will certainly be a consideration! The price of a cuckoo clock can range anywhere between a few hundred rupees (in case of simple ones) to a few thousand (for the detailed, elegant ones). Determine your budget beforehand, so as to not go overboard with the price. The traditional Black forest cuckoo clocks are traditional, yet popular clocks and are reasonably priced too.
  • If you really enjoy the idea of a cuckoo popping out of a box at the stroke of every hour, you would like to consider this before you buy one. Cuckoo clock usually comes with the alternate options of one-day movement and eight-day movement. While a one-day movement cuckoo clock requires winding after 24 hours, an eight-day movement cuckoo clock requires winding every eight days. You can even buy Quartz cuckoo clocks that run on batteries and do not need to be wound up.
  • If you are looking for musical cuckoo clocks, go for one-day musical cuckoo clocks or eight-day musical cuckoo clocks. In both the clocks, after every hour, a cuckoo bird calls out the number of hours, followed by a melody. However, if you don’t enjoy the thought of melody, you can also opt for cuckoo clocks that come without music.
  • Check out a number of shops before buying cuckoo clocks. You can shop for them on the internet, at retail stores, in auctions, at antique shops and even on sale.
  • Some people like to indulge and don’t mind having a customized cuckoo clock for themselves. If you would like to get a cuckoo clock manufactured by a noted company, be ready to shell out lots of moolah. Most people often go for cuckoo clocks just for the aesthetic appeal and wouldn’t mind going extra mile to get them customized. You can check out with noted wall clock makers or even companies specializing in cuckoo clocks and ask them to make a customized cuckoo clock, just for you.

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