A lot of house owners are going for Charmglow electric fireplace. Read on to know what makes the charmglow electric fireplace a special one.

Charmglow Electric Fireplace

“There is no place more delightful than one's own fireplace.” Marcus Tullius Cicero. Human beings have been using fireplaces for heat and security even before it was recorded in history. It is the most effective way to control and contain a fire within the comfort of your home. During the Victorian era, fireplaces gained popularity as a decorative item. People began to make fireplaces at home to add a touch of class and give the room a cozy and antiquated look. No wonder that fireplaces are a part of the interior décor of celebrity homes, like the beautiful fireplace that accentuates the aesthetic look of the living room in Lance Armstrong’s house. Benjamin Franklin was the source behind the first “Franklin stove,” a popular version of a fireplace during that time. This was later modified with vents and pipes by David Rittenhouse but the name Franklin stove stuck with it. Although, with the passage of time, fireplaces and woodstove have changed, human beings have always been attrached to the charm and warmth of a fire on the hearth. There is nothing as charismatic as watching the dancing flames and hearing the wood crackling as the sun sets and you set out into a journey of good old days. Read on to know the benefits of charmglow electric fireplace.
Benefits Of Charmglow Electric Fireplace 
Though a fireplace adds to the beauty and elegance to a beautiful interior décor, not everyone would like to see their fireplace as a pile of ashes. The problem of smoke also is quite distasteful. This is one main thing that accounts for an electric fireplace where there is heat without flame. After a lot of experimentation on it by the manufacturers, the manufacturer Charmglow came out with this splendid piece of fireplace, Charmglow electric fireplace. Given here are the points that make it different from other fireplaces. 

Charmglow undertook the mission of making the best possible fireplace combining both the aesthetic element and the functional element. It actually separated the heat from the actual fire. Here the heat is produced by a 1500 watt heater fan generated by electricity. This means no more wood, so no more of soot and smoke. At the end of the day you get a clean fireplace and a cleaner home. But what is a fireplace without a little fire. So in order to give a visual treat, they provide a holographic simulation of a fire burning. The fire burns when the heater is on or off. Fire image and heater are two different components.

Charmglow electric fireplace can be used in winter as a source of heat along with the visual effect. You can turn on the heater along with the flame and the family can enjoy a cup of coffee together in a winter ambience. If it is summer, a flame without the heater can provide a visual treat. It is cost effective as well, as a result of which many a home owners have opted for smoke-free, soot-free, ash-free, Charmglow electric fireplace over the original form of a fireplace.

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