Rococo represent an ancient French art and interior design, with a unique style of architecture. Read the article to know what is rococo furniture and also explore some design ideas on the same.

What Is Rococo Furniture

Rococo is a style of architecture and decoration that originated in France in the 18th century. The term rococo has been derived from two different French words - ‘rocaille’ meaning stone and ‘coquilles’ meaning shell. The rococo styles and designs were the outcome of passion from the Louis Quinze period. Rocks and shells, along with wisps of nondescript foliage, were carved with bewildering scrolls in every conceivable variety of shape, giving them minor details of ornamentation. The broken shell, the twisted acanthus, the curled endive, and the flowing scroll formed a part of interior woodwork. The rooms in rococo style were designed with elegant and ornate furniture, small sculptures, ornamental mirrors, and tapestry-complementing architecture, reliefs and wall paintings. Rococo furniture is lighthearted, physically as well as visually, with mahogany being the most prominent material used. Read through the following lines to know more on rococo furniture design ideas.
Rococo Furniture Design Ideas
  • To give a rococo décor to your room, choose ivory, pastels or gold color for the furniture.
  • The armchair can have padded and upholstered seat and back. You can also add padded cloth armrests. The chair back can be either oval or curved, framed in ornately carved wood with swirls, shell shapes, leaves and tendrils. The colors can be mahogany, cherry or metallic gold.
  • Add a pair of antique fauteuil chairs for a dramatic rococo ascent to your décor.
  • Have marble topped tables with curving legs for a fanciful rococo look.
  • Go for light toned carpets and floors.
  • Treat the windows with drapes having elaborate cornices, fringe and scallops.
  • Place the furniture away from the walls and into the room, to highlight showpieces and create conversational areas.
  • Arrange the ornate scrollwork on the walls, ceilings and baseboards behind the furniture, so that it is visible.
  • The furniture has to be arranged in a free-floating placement, to add to the light, open and airy look of rococo.
  • As for rococo interiors, choose elaborate tapestries such as ornate silver, ceramics and porcelain.
  • For a more authentic look, select floral motifs, carved shell shapes and lots of gilt bronze.
  • To get a more airy, spacious feel, use large mirrors with ornate frames.
  • Hang a large classical portrait in a light tonal key, with an elaborate gold frame, to get a lighthearted yet formal rococo look.
  • Other great rococo painting subjects include playful nudes, mythological themes and courtship scenes.

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