Wusthof knives are manufactured from high quality, efficient & reliable products, giving one good reasons for buying them. Read the article to find out why to buy a Wusthof knife.

Why To Buy Wusthof Knives

Wusthof is a world-renowned knife-making company, based in Solingen, Germany. With a rich heritage and family ownership for seven generations, the company is known for high quality products, such as kitchen knives, kitchen shears, pocketknives and other cooking accessories. The American magazine, Consumer Reports rated Wusthof’s Classic and Grand Prix series as the top-rated knife lines in November 2005. Well-known chefs like Gordon Ramsay (Classic Ikon range), Jamie Oliver (both Classic and Ikon), James Martin (Culinar) and Emeril Lagasse (Emeril) have termed these knives as the best. The world famous Wusthof brand is truly an outstanding piece of German craftsmanship. In case you still want more reasons, as to why to buy Wusthof knives, go through the lines that follow.
Reasons For Buying A Wusthof Knife
Trident Logo
The three-pronged spear logo of Wusthof symbolizes tradition and power. It is recognized as a symbol of quality and dates back to Greek and Roman mythology.
40 Manufacturing Processes
Wusthof knives are produced from the finest selected materials, using the latest technology. They are made from a single piece of high carbon, with no-stain steel and attain a high level of perfection. Right from forging to tempering, grinding and polishing, every single knife is carved carefully, till the final cutting edge is applied. Also, these knives are available with a lifetime warranty.
The most important issue in domestic and commercial kitchens is the safety and hygiene of the knife. Each Wusthof knife is constructed uniquely, making it easier to clean and keep it hygienic. The company recommends that each knife should be washed, dried and stored regularly, for a longer life.
Wusthof knives are highly recommended since they come with a lifetime warranty for manufacturing or materials defect. Since they are produced from high quality alloy of carbon, no-stain steel, these knives never fall apart or melt. One-piece seamless construction is yet another reason for the durability.
Sharper Blades
Wusthof knives are very sharp and thus; do not require very frequent sharpening. Made from very hard metal, their German blades are quite thin when compared to Japanese blades and hence, have very sharp edges that make them the ideal kitchen utensil.
Wusthof Knife Series
Wusthof knives are divided into 10 different series. The first is the Classic series, which is forged with a traditional triple riveted polypropylene handle and full-length tang. The second is Ikon, an updated version of the Classic with wooden handles; while the third is Classic Ikon that is similar to Ikon, but has black handles. Next is the Le Cordon Bleu, which is identical to the Classic range, but has smaller bolster to lighten the weight. Culinary is contemporarily designed, with rivetless stainless steel handles and a concealed tang. 

Grand Prix is an upscale line of Culinary with the same features as Culinary, while Grand Prix II is an updated version of Grand Prix, with ergonomic handles. Gourmet is a lower end line, similar to Classic in looks, but without the bolster and is stamped as opposed to forged blades in Classic. The next one is Emeril - a low-end consumer grade knife with stamped blades. Finally, the last one is the Silverpoint, which is a budgeted knife that boasts of stamped blades and molded handles.

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