Check out tips to know how to sharpen a knife at home.

How To Sharpen A Knife

Blunt knives irritate the most when you are doing some work that requires cutting. If your knife is too dull and does not cut competently, then it's the time to sharpen it. For the purpose of sharpening knives, you have to grind them against a hard rough surface, such as stone, or a soft surface with hard particles, for ex- sandpaper. Leather razor strop is used for finer sharpening of the knife. There are several ways to sharpen a knife at home as well. There are several tools that are used for the purposes, depending on what type of knife you want to sharpen. One can use sharpening steel, sharpening stone or even commercial knife sharpeners. For instance, typical knives can be sharpened at 15 degrees on a sharpening stone. Read on to find ways to sharpen a knife at home and bunk professional help every time you want to hone the kitchen instrument.
Sharpening Knives
Using A Sharpening Steel 
  • Clutch the sharpening steel in one hand and the knife by its handle, with the other hand.
  • Place the knife in such a position that it is just under the handle of the steel, with the knife handle touching the bottom of the steel handle.
  • The knife should be at 10 to 25 degree angle to the steel. Hold the steel rod steady and draw the knife blade down the steel.
  • Repeat several times, until the entire cutting surface of the knife has been drawn across the steel on both sides of the blade. 
Using A Sharpening Stone 
  • You can use either a wet or a dry sharpening stone.
  • The next step is to rest the stone flat on a stable surface.
  • While you hold the knife by its handle, put the blade at a 10 to 25 degree angle to the stone.
  • Move the knife in a 'to and fro' motion, i.e. once drawing a knife towards you and the next time towards the stone.
  • Turn the knife and repeat the same process on the other side of the blade as well. 
Using A Commercial Knife Sharpener 
  • Read the instructions in the booklet that came with the sharpener.
  • The process usually involves drawing the knife blade through the mechanism toward you, until the knife is sharpened.
  • This method is not applicable for fine knives. 
Using A Diamond Sharpening Stone
Diamond sharpening stones are an excellent tool to sharpen knives and Carbide cutting tools that are used in woodworking and machine shops. A finer grade of 25 micron sized diamond is fit for sharpening carbide tools. It needs to be taken care that the number of strokes taken on each cutter wing should be the same, so as to maintain the balance of the carbide tool. One example for a carbide tool is a Router bit. After you are done, test the knife or carbide tool to determine whether it has been sharpened properly or not. You may repeat the process, if so desired.

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