Pet dogs can be fun to have, but running after them every time may not be a real bliss. Read the article to know about different types of dog containment systems and have a great time petting!

Dog Containment Systems

Little did you think before bringing that cute, adorable puppy that keeping it indoors is going to cost you all your time and energy? However, delicate and sweet your four-legged friend might appear; keeping him in is never going to be easy. Result: annoyed neighbors and exhausted you! Nothing thrills a dog more than spending time outdoors and chasing your neighbor’s pets and even strangers at times. Now, it is not possible for you to hound your dog over the fences and streets every time it lopes away. Here is one easy solution to keep a track on your dog, while allowing it full time in the sun, without having to worry about your complaining neighbors and your dog’s safety - dog containment system. If you are living in constant dread of your dog trespassing into your difficult neighbor’s territory or bumping against a passing vehicle and injuring himself, using the containment system is the right solution for you. It will help keep your dog away from off-limit areas quite easily and is actually a feasible solution for keeping your little friend safe. In this article, we will help you explore all about dog containment systems.
Types Of Dog Containment System
Electric Dog Fence
Electric dog fence is one of the better inventions of science for your dog. The fence basically consists of a transmitter, underground wiring and receiver. All you need to do is to plug the transmitter into a regular electric socket, bury the wire across your fence and attach the receiver to your dog’s collar. When a dog nears a fence, the transmitter will give out a low beep, which acts as a warning signal for the dog to retreat. It also gives out light shocks to make your dog step down, in case it ignores the beeps. On the flipside, this fence is not very helpful against sturdy stubborn dogs that might still cross the fence, no matter what. Also at times, your dog might experience sores, infections or burns due to the light shocks.
Invisible Dog Fence
Invisible dog fence is a fitting way to not only constrain your dog into a specific boundary, but also train him. You can use professional help to install this device. The fence comes with a wireless transmitter and a receiver collar. It is economical and an easy solution to keep your pets confined within your property. With proper training, a dog can be taught to respect boundaries. However, this kind of device needs proper maintenance. Checking batteries after every six months and looking out for broken wires may help to keep your dog safe. Also make sure that your dog wears the collar every time it is outside.
Electronic Dog Training Collars
If your dog is giving you a tough time of late, by running after pets or driving visitors away or even chasing away your neighbor’s kid, electronic dog training collars is what you exactly need! These collars are handy to use and absolutely safe for your pets. These remote-controlled devices allow you to correct your pet’s behavior by sending light shocks. Dog training shock collars can be used for various training regimens, hunting exercises, agility training, pet containment, anti-barking and more.
Anti-Bark Collars

If your dog’s relentless barking is getting your neighbors to frown and causing you embarrassment, anti-bark collars might just work for you! Anti-bark collar is the latest and quite an effective device to calm your howling pet. The collar is a favorite amongst trainers, breeders and sportsmen alike. Flexible and durable, these training devices are an essential part of any pet obedience program. Get them to tame your dog and your friends, family and neighbors are sure to thank you.

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