Cats love to play, and they will play with anything that moves. Read the article below to learn more on making your homemade cat toys.

Make Your Own Homemade Cat Toys

While the dog managed to find a place in the human affections because of its usefulness, the cat conquered the house, hearth, and heart of man by simply lazing away. It is perhaps the only animal that stays in the company of man just because it is lovable (the dreamy purr, the innocent cat eyes), other than occasionally chasing the mouse away. Since, cats directly do not benefit man, it can only be inferred that these felines were tolerated because of two reasons. The first is that they are very unobtrusive and second, because when our hardworking ancestors would return from the fields or hunt, the dogs would be baying to be fondled, the cows to be fed, but the cat would only open an eye and then go back to sleep. This perhaps reminded them of the time when they would do just that; when time was really slow. At present, cats are a pampered lot. Time was when the dogs would receive all the toys and bones and the cat had only to contend with a bell hanging on its neck. Now, cat owners are going the extra mile to provide their loving pets with toys to while the time away. However, simple cat toys can be constructed using home materials, and if your cat is not too particular, you can go for it. To make your own homemade cat toys read the article given below to know more about it.
How To Make Cat Toys
Cat Toy From A Toilet Paper Tube 
  • Clear the tube of all the toilet paper.
  • Using the scissors cut a small vertical slice at the end of the tube.
  • The slit should be about one inch towards the centre of the tube. Now make another parallel slit.
  • Keep on making the cuts until you have completely gone round the tubes.
  • Make all the cuts of the same length.
  • Bend all the tabs at both the ends so that it forms a spoked wheel.
  • Since the tube rolls on the wheels and slides, the cat can whack the toy around. 
Cat Toy Out Of A Box 
  • Without tearing, open the box.
  • Depending on the depth of the box, cut several strings. The length must be generally about 5 to 6 inches long.
  • Take the ping-pong balls and impale them with nails creating two holes on opposite sides of each side.
  • Now thread a string through the ping-pong balls.
  • Secure the balls by tying the string to itself.
  • Glue the string ends to the inside of the box so that the balls dangle out. Tape up the box.
  • On the side of the box cut a hole depending on the size of your cat.
  • The cat will have a wonderful time going in and out of the box trying to locate the ping-pong ball noise. 
Shiny Cat Toy
  • Cut an aluminum foil about the size of an A3 sheet of paper.
  • Now make a very tight ball by scrunching the foil. Make sure that there are no edges.
  • Tie a long thread round the foil ball and attach the other end to the ceiling.
  • You can also attach a tennis ball with a string and hang it so that the cat can knock it around. 
Wrestle Sausage
Materials Required
  • Old cotton T-shirt
  • 1 crunchy plastic bag, grocery store style
  • 1 tbsp organic catnip (optional)
  • 1 sturdy shoelace
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Chopstick or pencil
  • Threaded sewing machine (optional)
  • From the old T-shirt cut two 9” x 5” rectangles.
  • Place these on top of each other and then fold in half lengthwise.
  • Now stitch the rectangles together starting from the folded end.
  • Turn it inside out using a pencil.
  • Cut the plastic bag lengthwise. Lay the plastic bag flat and sprinkle catnip across its surface.
  • Roll the bag so that it can fit inside the sausage.
  • Now insert the rolled bag inside the sausage.
  • Sew the open end closed.
  • Tie it with a thread and dangle it towards yours cat.

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