Some people find lizards harmless but most people find them creepy. Read the article below to learn more on how to get rid of lizards.

How To Get Rid Of Lizards

If the sight of lizards sends you scurrying down the opposite path or if a simple two-inch lizards give you nightmares terrifying than the Godzilla, then you must be one of the thousands that suffer from herpetophobia, a morbid fear of reptiles. Lizards by themselves are pretty harmless creatures. It is only when they start crawling over the walls in large numbers that they start giving the creeps. Perhaps it has to do with their scary appearance or the reputation that their wild cousins enjoy, that lizards find very little favor among people. The least one can do is to ignore them. However, sometimes their repulsiveness gets on the nerves. And that is when getting rid of lizards is the only solution. However, it is easier said than done for lizards are very wily creatures. You can smash a few of them but if you want to round up the entire population then you have to employ some innovative techniques. The best is the one employed by the great military generals of old. Cut off the food supply and the entire town is yours. You can do the same with lizards, destroy their food source and your house will be, well, yours. To help you in your war with the lizards, read the article below to know the various tips to eliminate lizards from home.
Getting Rid Of Lizards From Home 
  • Find out the areas in the house where the lizards congregate. These areas are more likely those places where there is a large concentration of the insect population. Eliminate the insects on which the lizards feed on and you can rid your house of lizards. Keep the insects out or kill using a bug repellant. With the insects eliminated, the number of lizards will also be reduced, as they will move to other locations where food is available. Apply the bug repellent for as long as the lizard population does not decrease.
  • Electric lizard repellent is another effective method to get rid of lizards. When the repellent is plugged and switched on, it will emit a sound of very high frequency. This sound cannot be detected by the human ear but is audible to the lizards. When the lizards detect the high frequency sound, they find it intolerable. So, they escape from the place.
  • Mix two tablespoons of Tabasco sauce in a spray bottle filled with water. Shake the bottle thoroughly. Spray over the lizards and the places they frequent with this solution. After spraying for a couple of days, you will find the population of the lizards decreasing gradually.
  • Even spraying the lizards with ice-cold water is a great help. The water reduces the body temperature of the lizard and they find it hard to move about. Catch them during that time and throw them far away from the house.
  • Flypapers are very good in getting rid of lizards. Place the flypapers near a light source like tube lights and bulbs, which also attract a lot of insects. As the lizards try to catch insects, they will get stuck on the flypaper. Catch the paper and throw it out of the house.
  • Try to corner a lizard and then trap it inside a cardboard box and cover it. Carry the box outside and release the lizard far from the house. 
Additional Tips
  • Block the cracks and crevices in the corner of your doors and windows. The lizards get in the house through such small openings. Sealing all the crevices and the house with wax will prevent the lizards of a hiding place.
  • Cover the windows and ventilators with a metal mesh to prevent the lizards from entering the house.

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