Homemade cat toys are very easy to make and are inexpensive as well. Check out the article to know how to make homemade cat toys.

Homemade Cat Toys

Cats are some of the busiest pets, which love to play around in the house, catch their prey and exercise. They simply do not like to be idle. You can notice almost every cat sharpening its claws, scratching and jumping on its pray. To help keep your cat engaged and prevent it from becoming overweight, you can introduce it to homemade toys. You will also find it pretty interesting to spend your leisure time by playing with your cat and its toy. If you want to know how to make inexpensive homemade cat toys, this article is the right for you. Read on and explore ideas on the same.
How To Make Homemade Cat Toys
Scratching Pad/Post
A scratching post will be the best gift for your cat, who loves to sharpen its claws. Making a scratching toy at home is quiet inexpensive. Cut a six inch cardboard and wrap a sisal cord around it. Make use of a non-toxic glue to attach the cord. You can either lay the scratching pad on the floor or make it like a post, by hanging it from the wall. Secure the post using screws. Your cat will be definitely drawn to the new scratching toy!
Your cat will be immediately attracted to anything that can be chased, scratched or jumped on. So, go ahead and make a tight ball, using a sheet of paper. Simply toss it into the air and see how your cat jumps to catch it! Different kinds of papers can make different sounds. Avoid using aluminum foils to make balls, as the sharp-edged sheet can injure your pet.
Fishing Toy
Make the best use of the old fishing rod at your home by converting it into a toy, with which your cat can play. Tie a plastic fish at the end of the pole, after removing the remaining hooks from it. You can play with your cat by holding the toy over its head and coax it to whack at the goodie.
Sometimes a cardboard box can make a better toy than the goodies. Provide a shoebox to your cat, which it can dive into as well as jump in and out. You can join in the game, by tapping your fingers or scratching on the side of the box. Before introducing your cat to the cardboard box, ensure that all the staples and tapes have been removed.
Odd Socks
You will never find the use of a sock/stocking that has lost its pair. Odd socks can be put into good use by turning them into homemade cat toys. Secure the socks onto a string or roll it into a ball and throw the toy to your cat. Although it would not bounce like a ball, your pet would love to chase, bat and catch the new prey!  
Plastic Container
A plastic container, with a screw-down lid, can act as a very good cat toy. Wash the container thoroughly with water. After it dries completely, fill it with dried peas or rice. Make sure that the lid remains tight. If the noise made by shaking the filled container draws your cat’s attention, this means you have succeeded in making a good homemade cat toy.

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