Pets can also react adversely to the conventional medicines and may need herbal remedies, at times. Read on to explore herbal treatment for your cat.

Herbal Treatment For Cat

Pet care has assumed a new form in the world that we live in. Suddenly, there are doggy and kitty shows, companies catering to the special needs of pets and all other such things that we earlier considered unnecessary. What we have now come to understand is that cats and dogs have different needs, when it comes to their health and well-being. They may also develop allergies, be plagued by stress (yes!), end up with illnesses and problems of the gastric tract or suffer burns and cuts. With the understanding of various cat ailments, there have come up various herbal remedies to treat them as well. In some cases, human beings and animals suffering from similar problems, are given similar herbs as well. In others, the herbs that we run into everyday prove to be extremely beneficial for cats too. Given here are some herbal treatments that can benefit cats. Read on to explore them in detail.
Herbal Remedies For Your Cat
Here are some herbs that prove beneficial for all kinds of pets; but cats react beautifully to them:
Bach Flower Essences
This holistic approach is usually best, when it comes to treating stress in cats. It makes up for all kinds of post surgery, post injury and post traumatic stress in animals. In this case, bach flower essences prove to be really effective. They can be administered with water and other lotions as well.
All of us know how good calendula is for the skin. Its use is mostly external, for disinfecting skin wounds, treating sores and healing burns. In cats, even its internal use, though limited, is proving extremely effective for treating of gastric disorders like cramps and ulcers, apart from inflammation and worms.
Caraway Seeds
Some of us use caraway seeds in all kinds of sweets and desserts. However, not many of us know that they can help cats deal with diarrhea and stomachache. In case it is loss in appetite that your kitty is suffering from, caraway seeds will again prove effective.
It is one of the best herbal remedies for cats. It has long been known to ease cold, fever and flu like symptoms in cats and is also a good remedy for diarrhea. In addition, it can be used both as a stimulant and a relaxant for cats.
Burdock is another wonderful herb that can be used for treating ailments for cats. It prove helpful in improving the immune system, lowering excess sugar levels and overall detoxification of the body.
An all-natural cat remedy, it is known to kill bacteria & viruses. It also acts as an immune booster for cats. Many animal organizations often administer the tincture of this herb to stray cats, to protect them from diseases that they may catch from contaminated food or water.
This is a herbal treatment for cats that can be used to treat indigestion, flatulence, cough and stomach spasm. It also helps in detoxification and offers an excellent remedy for upper respiratory inflammation.
Not many of us could claim to know that cats and dogs also suffer from problems of old age, like memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease. The truth is, they do! Rosemary offers a fine natural remedy for cats, not only for itchy, dry skin or gas, but also for senility & Alzheimer‘s.
This herb is known to treat nausea, gas and other problems of the gastric tract, in cats.
Here is a great natural cat remedy that can be eaten or made into a tea, for treating problems of the bladder. It also relieves bad breath and its root can be used as a laxative and diuretic.

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