The Chinese Chongqing is a rare breed of dogs, native to the Chongqing city of China. Read the article to know about the history, temperament and appearance of this dog breed.

Chinese Chongqing Dogs

Breed: Workingdogs
Height: 16-19.5 inches
Weight: 33-54 pounds
Coat Type: Short
The Chinese Chongqing is a rather uncommon breed of dog, somewhat like a bulldog-Thai ridgeback mix in appearance. However, the Chongqing has not descended from either of these dog breeds. In its early years, the Chongqing breed was used to hunt wild boar and rabbits, though today, it is used as a guard dog to protect families and belongings in China. The Chinese Chongqing is native to the Chongqing city of China.Being a working breed, regular exercise is very important for these dogs and they should reside in open spaces to maintain a positive temperament. Read the article to know more about this dog breed.
Chinese Chongqing is believed to be an ancient breed, dating back to 2000 years ago. In 1987, a group of archaeologists were excavating in a tomb known to have belonged to the Han dynasty. They came across a sculpture that closely resembled the Chongqing Dog. It was thus established that this is one of the ancient dog breeds in China. Until 1949, Chongqing dogs were owned by many people in China. With the formation of People’s Republic of China, the entire dog population of the country was wiped out. The breed resurfaced again in the 1980’s, with pet ownership gaining popularity in the communist state. Today, the Chinese Chongqing is more or less restricted to the Chongqing area of China.
The Chinese Chongqing is a medium sized dog, with a compact body and stout, well-muscled legs. The dog, usually, has a deep brown/mahogany color in a thin coat. Its teeth meet in a scissors bite and are not visible when the mouth is closed in a natural position. The ears are triangular in shape and pointed. While the male Chongqing is muscular in built, the females are, generally, more streamlined, with an overall feminine appearance. The males are well-defined and burly and as such, it is easier to differentiate between the male and female Chongqing dogs.
The Chongqing breed is known to be alert, intelligent and dignified. While these dogs are good with children who are loving and friendly, they prefer to remain aloof from those they are not familiar with. However, proper leadership and human communication helps them to overcome their unfriendly nature with strangers. This working breed should be socialized with other dogs and non-canine pets. Chinese Chongqing dogs are fearless and powerful. Due to their high drive, they make natural guard dogs, though they are not fit for competitive work. These dogs have impressive natural instincts and they need an owner who is dominant, but not heavy-handed.
Genetic Disease
No genetic diseases are known to afflict this dog breed. Some Chongqing dogs may develop skin problems, due to their short and sparse coat. However, a human grade diet can significantly reduce the instances of skin problems. Since there has been no inbreeding among the Chongqing dog, major health problems are quite rare.
The Chongqing Dog breed is an easy-on maintenance dog breed. They do not require much grooming and should be bathed only when necessary.

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