The Chinese Crested breed comes across as a combination of a playful pixie, a gentle lap dog and a sensitive companion. Explore this article to know more about Chinese Crested dogs.

Chinese Crested Dogs

Breed: Toy dog
Height: 11-13 inches
Weight: 5-12 lbs.
Coat Type: Long, soft and straight
Chinese crested dog represents an elegant, fine-boned and graceful toy breed. There are two distinct varieties of this dog, with and without fur i.e. the “hairless” and the “powder puff”. Both the varieties can be born in the same litter. Although the two varieties vary in outer characteristics, both have similar personalities. Chinese crested dog is sweet, lively and affectionate and loves to climb and dig holes. A delicate, nimble and chic breed; it has more length than height and has straight legs, with a slender curved tail. Read through the following lines to know more about the Chinese crested dog breed.
Chinese crested breed is known to originate in Africa, where it was known as “African hairless terrier”. When Chinese trading ships stopped on their way along the African shore, these dogs were brought onboard the ships to hunt vermin. The Chinese renamed the dogs as “Chinese Crested” later on. Ancient wandering Native American tribes (Aztecs) kept these dogs as bed warmers and ate their meat as well. Two Chinese crested dogs were exhibited at the Westminster Kennel Club Show in New York in 1885, for the first time. The first American breed club was established in 1979 and the Chinese crested dogs were recognized by the club in 1991.
The hairless variety of Chinese crested dog breed is almost naked and has hair only at its feet, head and tail. The powder puff variety has a long and soft coat. The skin as well as coat color can be solid, mixed or spotted all over. When viewed from the top and side, the head seems wedge-shaped. The dog has a muzzle with a slight stop, which tapers nicely into the cheeks. The color of the nose varies from dark to light, depending on the skin and coat color. A Chinese crested dog has almond-shaped eyes, where the eye rims match the color of the dog. It has large ears that stand erect and are not cropped.
An intelligent and entertaining dog, Chinese crested dog is a devoted family member. It is gentle, playful and does exceptionally well with children and other animals. It is highly alert and a well-adjusted breed. The dog is charming, agile, lovable, and can perform tricks as well. Chinese crested dogs are attached to their owners and require constant human leadership. They do well in apartments.
Genetic Diseases
Chinese crested dogs should not be overfed, as they tend to gain weight easily. The hairless dogs get sun burnt easily and hence, a good sunscreen lotion should be applied if they are being taken outdoors. They are also prone to tooth loss and decay. Powder puffs have healthier teeth. Majority of the Chinese crested dogs are allergic to wool and lanolin.  
The hairless variety of Chinese crested dogs requires minimal hair care, while the powder puff variety needs extensive grooming. The long, fine and double coat of a powder puff should be brushed daily and extra care is required when the dog is shedding. The hairless variety should be bathed frequently and massaged with a little oil or cream to keep the skin supple. Both the varieties shed little to no hair.

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