Chinese imperial dogs are quite popular as pets, since they make a friendly companion to humans. Explore this article to know more about Chinese imperial dog breed.

Chinese Imperial Dogs

Breed: Toy dog
Weight: 9 pounds
Height: 9 inches
Coat Type: Dense and straight
Sturdy, happy and playful, Chinese Imperial dog makes a great personal and family pet and companion. This dog is small and cute and sports a carefree appearance. It is an intelligent, out-going, trusting and energetic dog that will also be content to sit quietly on your lap for as long as it is allowed. Its dense,luxurious coat gives this breed an endearing and striking appearance. Chinese Imperial dog does not harm kids or adults. It is very easy to train and very keen to please its master. It is a small breed, having a life span of 10-15 years. Read through the following lines to know more about Chinese Imperial dogs.
Chinese Imperial dog was first bred in China in 700 AD. It is believed that this breed of small dogs was developed in the Imperial Palace of China, as the ancestors of this breed were given as a gift to the Emperor of Manchu Dynasty. These small dogs were called Imperial, Hah Pah and Chin Ssu Ha-Pah. Imperial dogs were considered holy in ancient China, as it was believed that these dogs were bred in the likeness of the lion that Buddha rode, when he came to earth from heaven. At that time, they were owned only by the Royal family. Chinese Imperial dogs were considered as temple dogs and were kept inside the palace all the time, the reason why they were unknown outside.
Chinese Imperial dog breed has a distinctive large round head that is carried high above the shoulders. It has a domed skull and a wide and short muzzle that is about 2/3 of an inch in length. This breed has a wide eyed, sweet and trusting expression. It has well-boned and muscular forelegs that are set well apart, with the elbows close to the body. Muscular and straight hindquarters have well bent stifles. The feet are firm and well padded. The Chinese Imperial dog is a double-coated breed. The dog can be found in a variety of colors, such as black, copper, cream, blue, champagne, red, chocolate and auburn.
Sturdy, happy and playful, Chinese Imperial dog has an affectionate and loving temperament. It is intelligent, outgoing, trustworthy and energetic. It requires daily walks to burn mental and physical energy. Since it is a true companion of humans, it can adjust well in any indoor home and thus, makes a perfect pet for an apartment life as well. It is great with children and adults. However, kids should be supervised when handling a Chinese Imperial dog.
Genetic Disease
Although no major health problems have been diagnosed in the Chinese Imperial dog, it is known to suffer from hypoglycemia due to its small size.
The coat of a Chinese Imperial dog must be trimmed every four to six weeks, to maintain its puppy cut. The hair above the head should be tied with a bow or ribbon, into a topknot. The dog should be bathed occasionally and regularly clipped. The ears should also be cleaned frequently.

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