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Cute Pet Names

Just like naming your baby, giving a name to your pet can sometimes make you pour over reams of pet name books. After all, we all want our pets to have names that make them stand out among those that have ordinary ones. Who wants such a situation where you call out your pets name and several pets come running to you, as they all have the same name. To stand out, the name should be cute and exotic. There is no defining rule in selecting a pet’s name. So, you have a hunk who calls his pomerian a bull or tiger and a beautiful lady strolling with a rottweiler named sweetie or sugar. The best name is one that complements the pet. Better still give a name that conveys some meaning. Keep the ‘coochiepoo’ and other epitaphs for your better half. Also, don’t name your pets after your ex-boss or ex-lover, as some people tend to do. First, of all your pets deserve something better. Secondly, you may, sometimes, unconsciously treat your pets as your ex treated you or how you treated your ex. There are many ways in which you can get even with them; giving your pets their name is not one. However, naming them after celebrity characters is a good option. Almost everyone has their favorite characters and to christen your pet with one is an excellent way to cement the bond. Read on to know more about cute names for pets.
Cute Names For Pets
Pet Names For Dogs 


Maggie – inspired from Rod Stewart’s song ‘Maggie May’, it means a pearl.
Molly – from the white horse in ‘Animal Farm’. It is also the Irish for molly.
Lady – she is the Cocker Spaniel from the “Lady and the Tramp”.
Lucky – Ronald Reagan’s dog was called that.
Lucy – from the “peanuts” comic strip.
Daisy – the girlfriend of Donald Duck.
Abby – the name means a father’s happiness.
Sasha – in Russian it means a helpmate.
Sandy – the name is referred as the helper of mankind.
Murphy – means a sea warrior.
Katie­ – the name refers to a pure maiden.
Annie – is full of grace.


Max – means a large spring and was the German Shepherd in ‘The Bionic Women’
Buddy – it means a welcome messenger.
Rocky – the movie series starring Sylvester Stallone.
Shadow - dark
Buster – from the 1930’s comic strip Buster Brown.
Casey – the watchful warrior who never slept.
Duke – leader or a nobleman.
Charlie – the ‘Peanuts’ lead character Charlie Brown.
Harley – the motorcycle.

Pet Names For Cats

Alayna – which means precious.
Amazing – if you have a pair, then name the other one ‘Grace’.
Bella – which simply means beautiful.
Bitsy – it’s simply cute.
Bubba – sounds like the name of a tribe.
Cloe – to bloom or blooming.
Daphney – laurel tree.
Ritsa - stands for the defender.
Pet Names For Hamsters
Abby – the father of exaltation.
Astera - is star-like.
Amber – a semi-precious gem
Bibbles – to rhyme with nibbles.
Chewy – one thing that characterizes hamsters.
Madge – it can signify a pearl.
Frodo – “Lord of the Rings”
Jojo And Lola – these sounds sweet
Pet Names For Birds
Ruby – sweet and colorful
Papreaka – cool
Chiriga – daughter of the poor.
Ekua – born on Wednesday
Dayo – joy
Delicia – from delight
Bloom – flower
Ottah – skinny
Nwa – son
Nuru – light 

Pet Names For Fish

Vartan – rose
Flush – wanting to get out
Santos – saint
Airic – agreeable
Nemo- from the animation movie “Finding Nemo”.

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