Brussels Griffon dogs form a toy dog breed, which hails from Brussels. Explore the article to know more about this dog breed, which is known to serve as a good companion to humans.

Brussels Griffon Dogs

Breed: Toy dog
Height: 7-8 inches
Weight: 6-12 pounds
Coat: Rough & smooth(two varieties)
The Brussels griffon, coming under the Griffon bruxellois breed, is a toy dog that originated in Brussels, Belgium. The Griffon Bruxellois includes two more breeds, other than the Brussels griffon,which includethe griffon belge and the petit brabancon. All the three breeds have much in common, except for their coat and color. According to some standards, these dogs are considered to be the three varieties of the same breed. Known to be good companions as pets, Brussels griffons have a cute and humanly face that is, undoubtedly, one of their biggest attractions. Read the article to know more about this uncommon dog breed.
The Brussels griffon descends from Smousje, an old dog type that was small in size, similar to a terrier and had a rough coat. Smousje dogs used to be kept in the stables to eliminate rodents. In the 1800’s, their Belgium coachmen bred them with imported toy dogs. It was the breeding of Smousje with a Pug and a King Charles spaniel that led to the development of Brussels griffon. The spaniels also brought about their rich red and black and tan color to the breed. In the late 1800s, griffons became very popular with workers and noblemen alike. Many dogs were exported to other countries, which lent them international fame and recognition. The breed became almost extinct during the two world wars, only to resurface later on. At present, Brussels griffon is an uncommon breed.  
Brussels griffon is a sturdy dog with a large, round head and a domed forehead. The black nose is very short. The dog has an overbite, with the tongue hanging out of the mouth. The wide set black eyes are very prominent with long, black eye lashes. The ears are high set, which can be either cropped or left natural. The straight boned legs of this dog breed are medium-sized. The tail is set high. Brussels griffon dogs are available in two types of coats: rough and smooth. The colors include red, beige, black & tan, and solid black.
Brussels griffon is reputed to be an intelligent and cheerful dog, which is affectionate, charming, lively and curious and simply loves everyone. It is a fine companion dog, known to be good with other pets. Trained well, it proves to be a good watchdog and can also be taught to perform tricks. Brussels griffons have a facial expression that makes them look almost like a human. The owner should take care not to allow these dogs to assume that they are the ruler of the home, as this can lead to varying degrees of behavior problems, such as willfulness, demanding behavior, obsessive barking, guarding, separation anxiety, snapping and even biting. Lacking enough mental and physical exercise, they can become moody, sensitive and untrustworthy of children and adults.
Genetic Disease
The Brussels griffon dog breed is prone to suffer from stifle eyes and respiratory problems. This breed is also known to be sensitive to heat and therefore, should not be left outside for long periods. Cleft palate in the griffon puppies may prove to be fatal, though the condition is uncommon.
The rough-coated Brussels griffons require a lot of attention and care. However, the smooth-coated ones just require timely clipping. This dog breed sheds little to no hair at all.

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