Corn husks are the dried outer covering or outer layer of corn. They are often used in making household and decorative items. Read this article to explore the uses and benefits of corn husk.

Uses Of Corn Husks

Corn husk, as the very name suggests, is the outer shell of corn. While it is easily available in the market, you can also take out the husk of the corn on your own, with a little time and effort. Cornhusk is useful to us in many ways. It is used in making Mexican dish (made of cornmeal batter and shredded meat), apart from being a raw materials in many crafts and decorative items. However, to make corn husk useful, you will first need to boil it in water. Thereafter, pat it dry and then start using it. Another option is to peel the corn on the cob and dry the peels, before using them. Cornhusk is also known by the name of tamale wrapper, since it is often used for wrapping tamales. Read on to know more about the various uses of corn husks.
Corn Husk Uses
One of the most common uses of corn husk is in the field of cooking. It is used for wrapping different types of seafood, such as fish, prawns, crabs, and so on. The reason behind this is that seafood gets roasted easily, if it is covered with layers of corn husk beforehand. In other words, grilling and roasting becomes easier with the use of corn husks.
Corn husks are used in making many types of crafts, such as dolls and puppets. They are also used in different types of stuffed toys and bows. The unique texture and rustic look of corn husks makes them ideal for making beautiful bows that can be used to decorate number of items. These pretty corn husk bows look great as decorations on wreaths, flower arrangements, vases and are particularly suited for country or rustic decor.
To make bows out of corn husks, take strands of corn husk, fold them and wrap the center with an additional corn husk that has been folded in half lengthwise. Glue or staple it from the back and cut the remaining length in half to make the tails of the bow. Glue a tiny pine cone or dried flowers to the center as embellishment. Corn husks are also useful in making great wreaths and centerpieces.
Home Decorations
Corn husk is used for stuffing mattresses and cushions. It also proves quite useful in making decorative and attractive flowers. To make corn husk flower, fold the husk in half and attach the ends together, to make a flower petal. Make several such patterns and then attach the ends at the center. Glue a dried flower to the center as an accent.  
Corn Husk Benefits
Corn husk products are a boon for patients suffering from high cholesterol and bladder infection. The consumption of its oil lowers the cholesterol absorption by the body. The tea made from corn husk works has proved to be a wonder for people suffering from bladder infections.Consumption of corn husks also works as a pain reliever for some types of repetitive motion pain and some other hand, wrist and forearm ailments.

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