It is better not to have a pet than to have one with maintenance costs more than your personal expenditure. In this article, learn about best low maintenance family pets & enjoy their uniqueness.

Low Maintenance Pets

Speaking of high maintenance pets, the first name that comes to mind is Paris Hilton’s infamous pet Chihuahua, Tinkerbell. It is adorned with jewelry from designer stores, what they called doggie emporiums, and accessories that reflect the high maintenance lifestyle of her owner. Paris’ pet has a ‘simple life’ that is more luxurious than some of the upper-class citizens in developing countries. Many other celebrities, like Jesicca Simpson, Britney Spears, Jessica Alba and Aubrey O’Day, also have high maintenance pets because they can afford to. However, not all of us are Paris Hilton, nor do we have legendary wealthy parents to support the whim of a high maintenance pet. Simple mortals like us have to choose from other alternatives, the pets that do not account for the high monthly expense item on the list. On the other hand, it is boring to have the usual pets everyone has, like dogs, cats, birds or fish. Here, you have to get innovative with choices like earthworms, bugs, lizards, spiders, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, fireflies, ant farms, catfish, hermit crabs or turtles. Find out more about various pets that are low maintenance.
Low Maintenance Family Pets
Although a fairly slimy option as a pet, earthworms are popular amongst children. They give them the cool factor. In addition to being low maintenance, they are beneficial to your garden, as they increase the nutrient levels in compost. At the same time, they are a good live science example for your children, to get a hand on real life learning.
Brine Shrimp
Also known as “sea monkeys’ or “fairy shrimps”, these aquatic creatures need to be fed only once a week and tend to sustain healthily in a colony for more than a year or two. Brine shrimps are uniquely beautiful and definitely make a better option than the common goldfish.
Hermit Crabs
Hermit crab is an exotic option as a pet. The land hermit crabs are affordable and have flexible dietary requirements. They are social and thrive in groups. The best characteristic trait is that these crabs use their shells to protect their soft bodies; therefore, can be individualistically designed by the owner, based on the shells chosen.
Insects and Reptiles
Though getting pets like bugs, fireflies, lizards, turtles and spiders is easy and inexpensive, it is important to understand how to sustain them. You have to ensure their enclosure is kept regularly clean. Before deciding to keep such a pet, know more about it, in order to avoid harming it.
You can make your own ant farm and have an entire ant colony as your pet. Take a fish bowl or similar container and insert a cardboard tube inside. Face one end of the tube to the side of the bowl and fill the bowl with dirt. This is to facilitate ants to tunnel on the outside of the bowl, instead of the middle, so that you can observe them. Find an ant colony in a park or garden and gently dig up a few ants, along with dirt, to fill your bowl. Ensure you keep the bowl in shade and provide water daily.

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