Most people are aware that location is the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a home. Here’s how to choose a location for your home.

How To Choose A Home Location

The moment we hear the song Ye Tera Ghar, Ye Mera Ghar from the film Saath Saath, most of us begin to dream about how we would like our home – where would it be located, how big it would be, how many floors, where to place which thing, and so on. No matter how different one’s opinion about anything else would be, we all agree that location is of primary concern when it comes to choosing a home. With real estate companies taking up every inch of space to give us the home we need, buyers are spoilt for choice. They choose a home thinking it is at a quiet and peaceful location and within no time, it gets engulfed into the city, bringing with it the hustle-bustle and the sound of cars honking and construction drills rolling. Though nothing can be done about this problem, one must keep a few things in mind when choosing where to buy or build a house. Here are a few things you could keep in mind when choosing a location for the house that you dream about.
Tips For Choosing Home Location
Even though you may take a vehicle to office, your spouse may be using public transport to commute to work. If it is near his/her workplace, then there would be nothing like it. But if your spouse (or you) ends up spending much more on commuting rather than anything else, it may not be a good location. If it is well connected through buses or local railway networks, then you must definitely go for it.
If you have kids who study at school or college you will have to think about their convenience too. They are not employed and are using your money to commute to college! If they are at school, which provides school buses for all students, find out if there are any buses that ply in the routes or anywhere around the area.  
What if, God forbid, anyone from your family falls ill and needs a doctor? What if you need to go to the bank for some work? These are a few other things that you would have to keep in mind regarding the place that you plan to stay in. If facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, banks and so on are within a radius of a few kilometers from the home that you plan to buy, you will be spending less time and energy travelling for the smallest thing.
The market place is the next thing that should be kept in mind. Since you plan to live at that place permanently, you would need supplies and groceries on and off. Make sure the grocery and the medical shop are close by, if not anything else.
It will be no fun to live in a house that is most convenient, has all the above important things taken into consideration but is shorn of kids who your own kids can befriend! That way you will be dealing with a disgruntled child or two, who will choose any and every opportunity to say that the old house was better and that they do not like it here. Choose a home in good neighbourhood, where people are friendly, where there are lots of children and ample space for them to play.

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