Bar stools can perk up the ambience and decor of your private bar. Read on to know how to choose the bar stools.

How To Choose Bar Stools For Your Bar

Small trolleys or liquor bottles piled in wooden cupboards are history. Home bars have taken entertainment to the next level. It is a new world and home bars have become an integral part of any living room design. It is essentially catalyzed by a change in the lifestyle and the style of entertainment as well. A home bar is a much personal, comfortable, and relaxed way to entertain and it is less expensive than going to bars/restaurants. This change has brought about an entirely new look to the design and concept of a home bar. Bar stool is an important artifact that is an integral part of a home bar. The general setting of any house gives away a small piece of its owner, so in order to get great compliments from your friends and family you need to know how to mix and match your home accessories. If you are setting up a bar in your home, you need to have an understanding of how to pick up bar stools that perfectly match your home décor. Read on to know more about choosing bar stools for home bar.
Choosing Bar Stools For Home Bar 
There are different types of bar stools available in the souk, but to choose the best for your home bar is not that easy. There are certain factors that you need to take care of while choosing bar stools. 

Measure The Length
The first thing that you need to do before getting the bar stools is to measure the height from the counter/table to the floor. Stools of different height are available, so you need to have an idea of where you are going to place your stool and according to that, you can decide the height of the stools. Make it a point that you allot legroom of 10 to 13 inches between the counter/table and the seat of the stool. So choose your stool that can be placed the best way. In addition, knowing how many stools you would need would give you an idea on how many to buy. If you are not able to get stools that goes with the height, choose the ones that match with the décor. 

A bar is usually considered a private place, so you need to take into consideration the amount of comfort you will be getting there. In many cases, one spends a bombshell for things that fail to fulfill the needs of a bar stools, and the comfort provided by it. So before making a decision, look for the various options that are available and set your sight on the best. The various kinds of bar stools that you can choose from are: 
  • Adjustable bar stools: They can give you a flexible seat height.
  • Fixed bar stools: They are the traditional ones found in most bars.
  • Stools with back that can be either fixed or swivel: This will allow you to rest your back while enjoying a good drink with friends.
  • Swivel bar stools: They can make 360-degree rotations, which will give you more access to what’s taking place inside the room. 

Make It Different
Be creative and make your bar a wonderful place without compromising on the overall look of the room. Design your bar in the most elegant and extraordinary way. Bar stools are available in different colors and you can choose according to your preference. Manufacturers also provide quite a number of themes ranging from sports to nature.  You can use stools of different shapes and sizes or even you can customize it as per your imagination. 

Bar stools are not only used for style and looks but for theitr functionality as well. There is a need to look into how durable the chairs are while you are purchasing them. Talking about the durability, both metallic and wooden stools are available in the market. Though both have their own aura added to it, a wooden chair can accentuate both traditional as well as the contemporary look of the room. Wood is the first choice because of its strength and looks. More than mere artifacts meant for glamorizing a room, bar stools should be durable as well. A cushioned wooden chair can be long lasting.

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