Aggressiveness in dogs takes out all the pleasures of having a pet. Explore the article below to learn more on how to tame an aggressive dog.

How To Tame An Aggressive Dog

A dog is considered as the best friend of man and it is also a very wonderful pet. However, what if your dog suddenly starts baring its teeth, snarling and growling at whosoever comes in sight. You may think that it’s a passing behavior and will do little to rectify it. You will be making a mistake, as an aggressive dog is like a child with behavioral problems, which if not addressed early, can lead to serious consequences later. In dogs, aggression is a natural behavior, which is used to show their dominance. As such, aggression is the tool for the dominant dog to get what it wants. In pet dogs, aggression is a serious problem. You can never know when your dog will attack another dog or person and so you are forced to be constantly on your guard. If the behavior is unchecked then they will develop more serious aggressive behavior, creating more problems for you. With proper techniques, taming the aggressive behavior in dogs is fairly easy if you keep in mind that aggression is their natural way of communication. It is also never too late to tame your aggressive dog. To know more, go through the article below for tips on training a dog. 
Taming An Aggressive Dog 
  • First of all visit the vet. Some aggression in dogs may result from a painful condition or a disease. This is particularly true in older dogs that are more prone to suffer from arthritis.
  • The dog can be taken for obedience training. This is because a dog may not know how to respond to obedience commands and if forced can resort to aggressive behavior.
  • The dog must be made more sociable. You can do this by taking your pet for frequent walks so that it encounters other dogs and people. When the dog is introduced to others on a regular basis then it will be better able to control its aggressiveness.
  • Take immediate action when your dog behaves in a threatening manner. This is because they are more likely to do that thing if they see you erupt in anger. The best way is to isolate it, if it has done something unacceptable.
  • Always reward good behavior. Dogs also have the mental ability of a small child. If you reward it for exhibiting positive social behavior then the prospect of rewards will make it stop its aggression.
  • Don’t play games with your dog that encourages aggressive behavior. Instead, focus on some games that are non-adversarial and that encourage teamwork. One such game is fetch, which will teach it to work with you rather than against you. Games like tug-of-war can only encourage aggression, especially if it wins as this may make it realize the power of its teeth. That’s why you can face growling and baring of teeth the next time you try to remove something from its teeth.
  • While training the dog, to control its aggression it is always better to start training early. While training, try to establish yourself as the leader by commanding it to stay down in a place. If the dog is already showing aggressive behavior then it is better to go for a professional trainer.
  • A dog that is well exercised is less likely to show aggressive behavior. Exercising the dog makes it happier, healthier, and better behaved. Exercise also makes the dog less hyperactive and the stimulation also helps in releasing their energy.
  • If your puppy is aggressive then make it get used to handling and getting groomed. Reward with treats after a successful grooming session. Brush the underside of the legs and around the head, ears, and tails.
  • Make your dog earn your attention and affection. If your dog behaves pushy sometimes, then go and play with it to control its dominant tendencies. If the dog frequently demands your attention, then before going to it, make it do some obedience exercises so that the dog realizes that it has to earn the attention and affection.

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