While building a house, you may often find yourself stuck on the kinds of roof to choose from. In this article, we will tell you about the various types of roofing.

Types Of Roofing

Your house speaks volumes about you and it is only right that you style it to suit your needs as well as taste. Remember, first impression is indeed the best impression. So before you move on to deck up the interiors of your pad, pause a while to consider the exteriors too. Right colors and contours definitely add to your house’s charm, but a styled roof is all it takes to make it as individual as you. A roof, apart from offering protection, adds to the aesthetic ambience of your house. It is indeed, the most important aspect of your home. However, before you zero down to a particular type of roof, do not skip to consider factors like weather conditions, cost, functionality and maintenance. With an overwhelming range of roofs to choose from and little knowledge about them, you are likely to find yourself at sea while making the right pick for your home. This article is sure to bail you out of your dilemma, by briefing you on the different types of roofs available.
Different Kinds Of Roofing
Gable Roof
Gable roof is one of the popular roof options to go for. It adds to the appeal of your house with its classic triangular pattern and is cost-effective too. What more, it provides good ventilation and plenty of ceiling space. However, it is not a feasible option for people living in high wind areas.
Flat Roof
Flat roof or ‘low slope roof’ is a slanted roof that allows water to pool down. It is cost-economical, offers better light and ventilation and looks good too. However, such roofs need to be changed frequently, as they are prone to damage over time. In addition, they are unsuitable for places with extreme weather conditions, like heavy rain or snowfall.
Mansard Roof
Mansard roof, named after the famous French architect Francois Mansard, is a great architectural option. Its angled style helps water to flow down and offers a lot of attic space too. It also provides additional space that is known as the 'garret'. However, this kind of roof is not the safest bet for heavy snowfall areas. Snow can build up on the low slope portion and cause strain on the bracing.
Hipped Roof
Hipped roof resembles the gable roof, with all the sides sloping down to meet the walls of the house. This kind of roofing is especially befitting for high wind areas. It is strong and sturdy, with good internal bracing. On the flipside, this kind of roofing offers less storage space.
Pyramidal Hip Roof
Pyramidal hip roof is a kind of hipped roof that resembles the shape of a pyramid, where the walls from four sides meet at the tip.
Slatbox Roof
Slatbox roof is also very much like the gable roof. However, it has two sides that are not symmetrical to each other.
Shed Roof
Shed Roof or lean-to roof has a single roof that slopes down the entire structure and is one of the easiest and the cheapest ones to build.
Gambrel Roof
Gambrel Roof or barn roof is usually used in barns, and offers a lot of storage space. This roof has two distinct slopes with symmetrical sides.
Bonnet Roof
It is the kind of roof you don’t usually come across. Bonnet roof, also known as 'kicked eaves' roof, is a kind of modified hipped roof, generally used in French Vernacular architecture. The upper slope is steeper than the bottom slope and the bottom slope hangs over the house. It covers open-sided porch and gives shelter from sun and rain.

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