Patio furniture has found itself a space in the new outdoor settings. Learn how to maintain the look of your furniture and prolonging its lifespan.

Outdoor Patio Furniture Care And Cleaning

Beautifully paved ground with stones, cleanly mowed grass, your kids call it their play area and you call it your outdoor living room where you spend beautiful evenings watching the sunset. A patio has become a part and parcel of every stylized home. A stylish set of furniture can accentuate the look of the whole  patio. Patio furniture has come a long way as it has gained a new momentum and space with tastes and preferences of modern lifestyles. Gone are the days when patio furniture were like the park benches and did not have any place in the outdoor décor. You will be astonished to find that now patio furniture comprises of a broad range of furniture including deck furniture, garden furniture, chairs, tables, and lounge furniture that can even be switched over for evening parties. Furniture has become a part and parcel of the outdoor décor today, and even the most lackluster of any outdoors will look stupendous by adding some innovative pieces of furniture. Furniture to your patio is like what makeup is for a bride. Let the impression of your beautiful outdoor last with anyone who gets a glance of it. Read on to know how to take care of outdoor patio furniture.
How To Clean And Care For Outdoor Patio Furniture 
Caring and cleaning the patio furniture totally depends upon the kind of furniture that is been used. While some people prefer using plastics, others who can afford, cherish the luxurious wooden furniture. However, in both the cases, for the furniture to have a longer life with same beauty and elegance, you need to take proper care of it. Taking care of furniture varies with the type of the furniture that is been used. Explore the following pointers to know more about care and cleaning outdoor patio furniture. 

Plastic Outdoor Furniture
Plastics can be cleaned easily and without much of effort. If it is resin plastic, it is more durable and can be cleaned more easily. There are plastic furniture with porous finishing which are more vulnerable to stains and takes time to get cleaned as well. However, usually a mild detergent solution can be used to clean the plastic furniture. Dip a sponge in the solution and wipe off the stain. Then rinse off the detergent with clean water. 

Patio Umbrellas And Hammocks 
They can be washed with some dishwashing detergent and lukewarm water. You should dry it in the sun properly before you use it again. A thin layer of automotive paste wax applied on it can help it from getting further stained and protect it from climate changes as well. If mildew stains are bothering you, add some bleach to your detergent solution and then clean the umbrella. Don’t overuse the bleach as it can weaken the fibers.
Aluminum Outdoor Furniture 
There are two types of aluminum furniture, painted and non-painted. Non-painted can easily lose its luster over the years due to the oxidizing effect. Metal polish can be used to bring back its lost shine and the abrasive materials found in it can help reduce corrosion. Try using vinegar to clean such furniture and avoid using alkaline materials such as ammonia. Cleaning the painted aluminum furniture is easy compared to non-painted one. Any mild soap or detergent solution can be used to clean the furniture. 

Iron Furniture
It is the one, which is most prone to rusting if not regularly checked. Though rust resistant forms are readily available, the ethnic pieces need some work done on them. To take care of such furniture, you need to sand it first and then apply a coat of any rust resistant paint of your choice merging with the outdoors. Use mild detergent to clean the furniture up and gently scrub them. Rinse it off with clean water. An automotive paste wax can be applied to sustain harsh environmental condition. 

Wooden Furniture
It is better to keep the wooden furniture inside during winter unless it is teak or cedar wood. Teak can withstand the moist or damp atmosphere whereas much other wooden furniture can’t. You can clean wooden furniture using a decoction of tea and make your wood shine. It is better to dust your wooden furniture often, which can prevent a heavy cleaning. To clean the stain, use some minor detergent or soap water. You can even apply a wax coat meant for different types of wood to give it a majestic look every day. 

Wicker Furniture 
You can use any mild detergent or soap solution to clean the furniture. Polish it with the automotive paste wax for a lustrous look. This also helps it from getting affected by the environmental conditions.

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