Planning to relax and beat the heat this summer, but don’t know how? What about building your own tiki hut? Read on to get ideas on tiki hut and help yourself build one this summer.

Build Tiki Hut Ideas

You might have visited many resorts and hotels and come across small hut-like structures, beautifully designed and giving an authentic look. After seeing these huts, it is but natural to have a desire to build one such hut in your backyard as well, to keep you cool this summer. Now, first of all, you need to know that these huts are called ‘tiki huts’. Tiki huts have become quite common in resorts across the world and are loved by almost all the tourists. These huts are usually made from dried sable palm fronds and treated cypress wood. They are a seasonal item and any beach party theme is incomplete without them. The most common type of tiki huts is the one that covers a bar. You can build and decorate tiki huts on you own as well, based on your requirements and purpose. Making these huts is not all that difficult. In fact, you can build a small tiki hut at your backyard as well, for your personal use, by following the ideas listed in the lines that follow.
Building Your Own Tiki Huts 
  • If you are looking for a simple tiki tent for your backyard, all that you need is a table of the desired size, some timber (or preferably bamboo) for the support posts, cross beams, material for the hut roof and some exotic decorations.
  • You can use a sheet of plywood and attach a mesh of artificial leaves and tropical flowers for your tiki tent roof. You may even come across a grass skirt to put around the table or the plywood. It will look nice around the table and also help hide whatever is under it.
  • The best way to make your tiki tent stand is by assembling the support post and cross beam on the ground and then mounting it above the bar. If you have placed your bar outside, you can also use tiki torches to provide an authentic look and keep the party going on till late night.
  • Use grass mats for the bar top, along with tiki lanterns and tiki candles, fresh or artificial flowers, glued on sand, paper cut outs of frangipanis or anything Polynesian to decorate your hut the way you want to.
  • You can include a tiki lounge in your hut, to help conduct large parties and keep a large group of people cool and comfortable. The lounge should contain a built-in table or a bar that can accommodate at least 6 people. Running electricity across the lounge is a good idea, as it will help the lounge to be lit even at nights.
  • Building a floating or a poolside tiki hut is also a great idea for people who love to enjoy in their pool or pond. Whether you choose to have a free-floating hut that you swim out to or a fixed hut on the side of the pool, it will keep you cool on the hottest days.

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