Tiki bar is a great way to add an island charm to your household. Read the article below to know how to build a tiki bar.

How To Build A Tiki Bar

You must have noticed these bars in many movies and travel magazines. No picture of a beach or island is complete without it. Guys in colorful bush shirts and straw hats; girls in flowing skirts and a couple of flowers tucked behind the ears lounging near what looks like a makeshift thatch hut, sipping onto their cocktails. Well, the makeshift thatch hut is nothing but a bar which is known as a tiki bar. This exotic drinking space is now the favored bar design all over the world. Anyone who wants an island themed bar goes for it. And since the materials are easy to find and building it does not take any time or labor it can be quickly built in your garden or porch for an exotic touch to your party. If you can throw in some cane chairs and a couple of palm prods then you can groove to the spirit of the Caribbean. Tiki bar is a great addition to the outdoors and it can easily be constructed with cheap materials in your garden or veranda. But, as always, its glory lies in the beach. If you want to throw a beach party then a tiki bar can add to its charm. To help you construct a tiki bar go through the article below for tips on building a tiki bar.
Tips On Building Tiki Bars
Materials Required 
  • A large tall table
  • Staple gun
  • Glue gun
  • Power drill
  • Bamboo or beach mat
  • Palm fronds
  • Twine
  • 4 3-foot bamboo poles
  • Black Marker
  • 2 to 3 bar stools
  • Assorted decorations such as flowers, lights, candles, shells 
  • First, select a location where you want to set up the tiki bar.
  • Once the location has been decided set up a sturdy table on the place.
  • To build the roof, drill four holes into the four corners of the tabletop.
  • Now use a glue gun to insert the glue into the holes.
  • Take the bamboo poles and fix them into the holes. Make sure that the bamboo poles are fixed firmly.
  • Take the plywood sheet and drill a hole in each corner.
  • Attach the bamboo mats to the top of the plywood sheets and then insert each pole into the plywood. Fix it in such a way that the entire thing is sturdy.
  • With a hot glue gun attach the palm fronds.
  • Take another bamboo mat and attach it in the front of the table. Use a staple gun to secure it.
  • On the top attach a string of lights and place a few barstools in the front.
  • Cut the palm fronds to the size of the bar stool and attach these to the side of the stools. The fronds should be pointing downwards.
  • Decorate with exotic flowers, candles, coconuts and lanterns.
  • The bar should be stocked with tropical drinks along with colorful glasses and assorted fruits.

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