Building a twin bed is a great way to impart style and increase spaciousness in a small room. Explore the article to find tips on how to build a twin bed.

How To Build A Twin Bed

People often visualize a twin bed as the image of two beds. However, the term twin bed is defined as “one of the pair of identical beds”. Also referred to as a single bed in some countries, a twin bed is a popular choice for kids’ room or multiple-use guest rooms. Primarily used by kids, a twin bed serves as the first bed for kids when they are switched on from a crib or toddler bed. It is very useful for small bedrooms, where space is a constraint. Though a twin bed is smaller and narrower than a queen size or full-size bed, it makes the user feel comfortable and welcomed. When required, a twin bed can be stacked upon and conveniently turned into a bunk bed. Given here are the steps for building a twin bed at home. Read on to know them.
Tips For Building A Twin Bed
Things Required
  • Wood
  • Legs or wheels
  • Drill
  • Saw
  • Carpet or Trim Molding
  • Foam
  • Batting
  • Fabric
  • Firstly, determine the height of the bed and how high you would want to keep the mattress. For toddlers and small children, it is best to go for a low bed. For a guest room, the choices are umpteen.
  • Make legs for the twin bed from the lumber or you can even purchase them from a local home-building store. Make sure that you set the legs at the same distance from each corner.
  • If you are placing the legs directly at the corner, build a 2 by 4 frame to provide extra support under the middle of the bed. You can also build supports from particle board in the shape of an “X”.
  • Your bed platform should be large enough to hold a twin-sized mattress. A twin size mattress is usually 39 inches wide and 79 inches long.
  • To avoid the mattress sliding around, make sure that you carpet the platform. You can also do this by attaching quarter-round trim molding.
  • Drill pilot holes in the legs and platform to prevent the wood from splitting. Using sturdy screws, attach the legs to the platform.
  • Build a basic rectangular headboard and attach to the bed. Cover the headboard with fabric to match the room’s decorating scheme.
Additional Tips
  • The bed frame and legs can be built using different materials, right from pipe to iron, plastic and brass.
  • To make your bed a storage material, build it high enough to create shelves below.
  • You can go creative by building a platform wider than the mattress and carpet to serve it as an end table.
  • For young kids, legs should be set in and the corners should be gently curved to avoid endless injuries and stubbed toes.

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