Toy Fox Terriers are extremely cute looking dogs, known for their tenacity and agility. Read this article to find out detailed information about Toy Fox Terrier dog breed.

Toy Fox Terrier Dog

Breed: Terrier
Height: 8-11 inches
Weight: 1.5-3 kg
Coat: Uniform coat
Tenacious, resilient and powerful, the breed of Toy Fox Terrier have earned a reputation of being “Terrors" of the canine world. A big hearted dog in a small package, the canine has been awarded an undisputable status as a working dog, which takes great delight in hunting tree squirrels and chasing rodents. Also known as American Toy Terrier or Amertoy, these dogs are lovely to be with, since they constantly amuse their masters with their comical ways. The dogs need to be vigorously trained and socialized, lest they have a tendency to become barkers, problem diggers, or worse. The characteristic glossy white coat and cute tan on the face gives the canines an impression of a petite playful dog. However, do not get lured by the looks, as these breed of terriers, true to their blood, can become very hostile and aggressive, if challenged or aggravated. Known for their intelligence and lauded for their affection, Toy Fox Terriers have evolved as the best house dogs over the years. To know more on this extremely cute breed of terrier, read on.
An out-and-out American breed of dogs, Toy Fox Terrier lineage can be traced back to England. Bred in America, the dog owes its roots to smaller breed of dogs like the Smooth Fox Terrier and other smaller dogs like the Chihuahua and Manchester Terrier. The Toy Fox Terrier was officially recognized by AKC in 2001. The canine was initially used for ratting, but it gradually evolved into a house dog. The Toy Fox Terriers were also used as circus dogs initially, because of their easy will and easy to please nature.
The Toy Fox Terriers are petite dogs, with the heart of a lion. They are extremely tenacious and agile, qualities that are well reflected on their eager, alert expression. They have a short, well-proportioned body and pointed erect ears that neatly frame their triangular shaped skull. The dogs have elegant, graceful eyes and a high set short tail. The dogs are adored for their glossy smooth uniform coat that is usually soft to touch and adds to their appearance. The coat is usually coupled with a tanned face. Toy Fox Terriers usually come in three colors, namely, chocolate, tri-color and a combination of tan and white.
Never let the petite frame of a Toy Fox Terrier fool you to think of it as a docile dog. The Toy Fox Terriers are extremely enlightened breed of dogs that make for an adorable companion because of their sprightly, risible temperament. They are very intelligent, highly spirited, incredible resolute and astonishingly brave-hearted. They can be very overtly affectionate that often triggers the protective instinct in the canines. Toy Fox Terriers are agile, inquisitive and simply love to be mollycoddled. They are extremely easy to train, because of their easy mental and physical disposition. They love to entertain and get along well with humans and pets alike.
Genetic Disease
The Toy Fox Terriers aren’t exceptionally healthy dog breed and usually come with a host of health issues. These breed of fox terriers are prone to host of illness like vWD, luxating patella, heart problems, Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease, seizures, skin disorders (including demodicosis) and thyroid problems.
A Toy Fox Terrier dog requires least grooming. An occasional brushing is all it takes to keep it in shape. Being a light shedder, this breed does not carry risk of infections. However, it is important to keep the nails trimmed, as the dog is prone to scratching. 

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