Designing a closet properly goes a long way in minimizing your effort and time to search for a particular thing. Read on to find tips and ideas for closet design.

Closet Design Ideas

With an increasing number of people showing their interest in interior designing, there has been much advancement in all the aspects of interiors for a house. One of the most important parts of a house interior is the closet. Closets are used to store almost everything. In order to make the maximum use of closets and make them look neat and welcoming, a rightly designed piece is what is required. If you want your closet to be spacious enough and more than just a storage cabinet for your clothing and other items, you need to think well before finalizing the design. The design of the closet should be such that it fulfills all your requirements. This article provides you with tips on designing a closet. Go ahead and get the maximum out of it.
Tips On Designing A Closet
Use Vertical Dimensions
Take advantage of all the space available in the closet, right from the top to the floor. Make sure to introduce bins on high shelves and roll-out boxes that can rest on the floor in your closet design. You can even introduce a third closet pole, if your ceiling is high enough. This will give you enough space to stuff in all the things that you use occasionally. If you have less accessible place in your closet, use it to store off-season items.
Proper Lighting
A proper closet should have adequate lighting. Natural light from the roof top or having a window on the opposite wall is a good option to get enough light. However, make sure that the closet does not receive direct sunlight, as it can cause the insides to fade. Introduce artificial lighting to avoid any disadvantages of this sort. The placement of artificial lights should be such that it should highlight the contents in the closet, without causing any shadow.
Add Visibility Factor
Make use of different accessories, thus making your closet transparent. Accessories like see-through wire bins, acrylic or glass-fronted drawers, belt and tie racks will make your closet transparent, giving it an organized and clean look. The shelves and drawers of your closet should be adjustable and movable to provide maximum versatility.
Beware Of Cedar
Cedar closets help in keeping away moths. However, their aroma is too strong and can imbue adjacent spaces and shelves. It is, hence better to place cedar closets in the basement or in an attic to avoid your bedroom from smelling like a gerbil cage.
Don't Ignore The Floor
Usually, the floor of the closet is not paid much attention. However, the floor of the closet, especially walk-in closet, is an important part and hence, should be taken care of. Since you will be standing on the floor of the closet every day, putting a carpet to keep the floor warm and comfortable would be a good idea. Carpet will definitely enhance the look of your closet by miles. However, it can be difficult to vacuum clean the carpet in a closet. Thus, using wood or vinyl flooring for a clean and neat closet would be a great option to explore.
Know Your Wardrobe
A well-designed closet is one that serves all your requirements and gives you enough space for experimentation. Have a rough plan as to what kind of closet would you like to have in your room. Deciding on how you would stock your items in the closet is also an important consideration. Once this is done, go ahead and buy a closet or get it build. Having a design in your mind will help you get a closet you had always dreamt of, with ample amount of space.
Watch Out For Mold & Mildews
Closets, because of being closed most of the times, can become a breeding home for mold, mildew and insects. Closets need some air flow and dehumidification that can be provided by a small-sized fan, timed to turn on and off at regular intervals to facilitate evacuation of air from the closet, even when the doors are closed. A dehumidifier can also be used instead of an exhaust fan, to keep things from getting musty.

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