Beanbags are fun, versatile, and comfortable to use. Learn how to make a beanbag chair.

How To Make A Bean Bag Chair

Bean bag chairs are the new urban stylish piece of furniture for city apartment inhabitants. Once these popular bean bag chairs were seen only in dorm rooms and recreation rooms as an economical alternative to real seating. These very bean bag chairs were used for people who would turn last to show up to the super bowl party and were asked to take a seat on a bean bag chair. These were not considered to be comfortable and only one-step ahead above sitting on the floor. However, bean bag chairs now are a rage among the city people especially among the youngsters and kids. When compared to the seventy’s era, the design did not change much, except for the materials used to stuff the chair, which was different from what they use now. The fundamental design, durability and the comfort of the chair has remained the same during the eras. A bean bag chair consists of two bags, an interior bag, which is filled with polystyrene beans, and the exterior bag, which is removable and washable. If you are planning to buy a bean bag chair, it might be tricky to buy a chair to match the décor of your drawing room. You can resolve this by making a custom made bean bag chair that matches your décor and also give you a comfortable seating.
Making A Bean Bag Chair
Bean bag chairs are not only comfortable but also give a cozy feeling to your room. They are easy to use and can be used as an extra seating. They are very comfortable and child friendly. If you want to feel the experience of sitting on a bean chair, you can buy one or learn how to make one at home. Here are the instructions to make one.
Materials Required
  • Fabric material
  • Measuring tape
  • Filler material
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Craft pencil
  • Thread
  • Zipper 
Instructions On How To Make It 
  • You have to first decide upon the material that you will be using for the exterior cover of the chair. The fabric material used should be flexible and nice to feel. Select a material that is durable, washable, and stretchable. You can choose cotton twill, vinyl, velvet, faux leather, and denim.
  • Once the fabric is selected, choose the kind of filling material that you would prefer. Bean bag chairs are generally filled with either polystyrene beads or foam stuffing. You also have options of fillings like kidney beans, packing peanuts and polystyrene pellets. Whatever fillings you decide on, make sure that it is comfortable to sit on.
  • Now that fabric has been selected, it is time to choose a thread. The thread should be lighter and stronger than the basic nature of the fabric. If it’s your first time, then take the assistance of the sales person.
  • After buying the materials, start with the template of the material for the exterior of chair. Measure a triangle on the fabric, which is equal in length from all the sides. Make the markings with the craft pencil, so that you have a reference to cut your material.
  • After you made your templates cut out the outlines that you made with the help of sharp scissors. To get a good finishing line, cut it on the markings. This will make your sewing easy. 
  • Once you are ready with your cuttings, stitch the edges together. Do the stitching on the wrong side of the fabric. Stitch all the edges together except for one. The edge, which is left open, should be left with an opening to attach zipper.
  • Ensure that you sew on the hideous side of the fabric so that the seams in the front remain hidden. Make your stitches strong by double stitching them to give it strength, so that the bean bag can hold the weight of the person sitting on it.
  • Stitch the zipper around the opening that you left and turn the bag inside out. Ensure that you double stitch it to give the bag additional strength.
  • Once your bean bag structure is ready, you can fill up the chair with either polystyrene beans or Styrofoam pellets. To make your filling easy and less messy make a funnel of the cloth and use this for filling up the stitched structure. Leave some room in the beanbag and do not stuff the bag until rigid. This will make the chair more flexible.   
  • Once you have enough amounts of filling in it, zip up the bag. You are ready with a comfortable, cozy bean bag chair custom made by you at home.

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