Your pet pooch would love to eat anything under the sun, but you can’t allow it to. Read on to learn more on the foods that shouldn’t be fed to dogs.

Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog

“The greatest love is a mother's; then a dog's; then a sweetheart's”. So goes a Polish proverb, wouldn’t you agree? Our dogs play a very central role in our lives and can safely be considered a member of the family. Your pet pooch means a lot to you and you would want your ‘best friend’ to stay on with you for as long as possible. For this, you’ve got to be informed and make the right decisions when it comes to feeding your dog. It’s so important because not all foods can be ingested by dogs. Their metabolic rates are unique and the foods (wrong) they eat can take a toll on their health. Some foods cause minor digestive ailments while some foods can pave the way to severe illnesses, or can even lead to the death of your dog. Some foods that are safe for humans can adversely affect your dog. Knowledge on canine nutrition is a must to ensure the health of your pet. Make a move; read on to know more on the foods that shouldn’t be fed to dogs.
Foods Harmful For Dogs 
  • Chocolate, coffee, and tea – These contain theobromine, theophylline and caffeine, all of which can be toxic and can harm your dog’s heart and nervous system.
  • Grapes and raisins – Contain an unknown substance which can affect the kidneys of your dog.
  • Cat food – It’s called cat food for a reason. Cat food is high in fats and proteins and is not the best thing to give your dog.
  • Copious amounts of liver – Large amounts of liver can affect the muscles and bones of your dog; this is because it leads to Vitamin A toxicity.
  • Onions and garlic (raw or cooked) – A complete no-no for dogs. Onions and garlic contain disulfides and sulfoxides, which can damage red blood cells and even lead to anemia. However, garlic is not as toxic as onions.
  • Fatty foods – Foods that are high on fats can cause pancreatitis in dogs. Make it a point not to dish out to your dog foods that are high on fats.
  • Raw eggs – Raw eggs contain avidin, an enzyme which reduces the absorption of biotin. This is not a good thing as it can cause skin and hair coat problems in dogs. Raw eggs may also be plagued with Salmonella, which is not a very good thing again.
  • Raw fish – Feeding your dog raw fish can lead to unnecessary complications. It can cause a thiamine deficiency, which can lead to a loss of appetite, seizures, and even death. However, death can occur only when fish is fed on a daily basis to your dog.
  • Salt – If your dog’s food contains too much salt, it can lead to electrolyte imbalances. Go easy on the salt, too much of it can take a toll on your dog’s health.
  • Yeast dough – Yeast dough is not to be given to your dog. It harms the digestive system by expanding and producing gas. It can result in a lot of pain and can even lead to a rupture of the stomach or intestines.
  • Sugar – Dishing out sugary treats to your dog should be ‘banned’. It can cause dental problems and can make your dog obese. Sugary foods can even lead to diabetes mellitus.
  • Food that’s gone bad – The reason is pretty obvious, isn’t it? Spoilt and moldy foods contain a variety of toxins, all of which can cause vomiting and diarrhea. Next time, throw away foods that have gone bad and do not feed the same to your dog.

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