For those who deliberately raise earthworms in their gardens, the feeding information given here will come handy. Read on further and know how to feed earthworms.

How To Feed Earthworms

Earthworms, considered to be farmers’ friends, can do oodles of good to your small kitchen or flower garden too. They consume dead organic matter and convert it into rich humus, aiding growth of healthy plants. Apart from that, their burrowing activity keeps the soil structure open, which provides proper aeration and drainage to the plants. Many people deliberately raise earthworms in their gardens, so as to improve the quality of the soil and aid plant growth. In such a case, you have to ensure that the earthworms get proper food, so as to sustain their survival. In the following lines, we have provided complete information on feeding earthworms.  
How to Feed Earthworms
Things Needed 
  • Food Scraps
  • Plastic Ziploc Bag
  • Microwave  
  • Accumulate all the food scraps - fruits, vegetables and the like, available in your kitchen.
  • Place all of them inside the Ziploc bag.
  • Zip up the bag, making sure to leave a tiny section of it open.
  • Put the bag in microwave and cook on high.
  • Take out the bag when you feel that the contents are very soft.
  • Leave the bag aside and let the scraps cool down completely.
  • Thereafter, close the bag and kneed it with your hands. This will break down the contents into smaller pieces.
  • After you are satisfied that the contents have been properly broken down, take the bag to the garden.
  • Pour out the contents on the ground or into your worm bin. You do not need to bury them; just scatter them on top of the soil.
  • When you feel that the earthworms have almost consumed the food, repeat the procedure again. 
Some Tips 
  • Earthworms eat food waste, yard and garden waste, wet paper, wet cardboard, and the like.
  • Do not feed earthworms things like metals, foils, plastics, chemicals, oils, solvents, insecticides, soaps, paint, etc.
  • Citrus products, onions, garlic cloves, extremely hot food, spicy items and high acid foods are to be strictly avoided.
  • Whenever you put the food for earthworms, don’t bury it in soil and do not spread it too evenly also. Give them space to take sometime off from consuming food.

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