Give total protection and growth to your lush green lawn by using natural fertilizers. Go through this article, to learn about the different organic lawn fertilizers.

Natural Lawn Fertilizers

The use of fertilizers is extremely essential for the growth and health of the plants. Plants and grass tend to lose nutrients due to normal wear and tear caused by human and animal activities. This damage caused needs to be compensated by adding sufficient amount of fertilizers to the soil. There are many natural and organic fertilizers that are available in the market. However, one needs to be really careful in choosing the type of fertilizer, since the wrong choice can prove to be harmful for both you and the plants. Organic fertilizers are the best option to keep your greens happy and effervescent. These fertilizers are free from all sorts of toxic ingredients and harmful chemicals, making them the healthiest choice. This article provides you with information on some of the organic lawn fertilizers.
Organic Lawn Fertilizers
  • Corn meals prove to be a good natural fertilizer that can be used for your lawn. It is better to purchase the corn meals from the feed or tractor supply stores, where you get them in huge bags, instead of buying it from supply stores at higher prices per pound. Use 20 pounds of the fertilizer to sprinkle over each 1,000 sq. ft. of lawn area. Corn meals will start showing results within three weeks of use.
  • Corn gluten meal can also be used instead of corn meals. Corn gluten meal acts as a weed and feed fertilizer that will make your lawn greener and help control weed attack. Corn gluten meal can also be purchased at feed supply stores in order to get a cheap deal. For total weed control, 10 lb of the fertilizer should be used for every 1,000 sq. ft. of the lawn area.
  • Deciduous trees shed a lot of leaves during each fall season, giving your lawn a covering. Instead of raking all these leaves in a sack, you can chop the leaves using a mulching lawnmower and leave it over the grass. These leaves will decompose naturally over the dormant season and act as an organic matter to the lawn soil.
  • Epsom salt can also be used as a natural fertilizer to make your lawn greener. Epsom salt helps in increasing the magnesium levels in the soil, making it more supportive for growth. Follow the directions on the package as different brands suggest different stipulated quantity to be added to the lawn.
  • Compost can also act as one of the fertilizer to make your lawn look more beautiful. Though it is a pain tricking job to collect all the vegetable waste and chopped leaves, it proves out to be very beneficial for the health of the soil. You cannot find a better fertilizer than compost to make your lawn greener and healthy.
  • Mulching the grass clippings and leaving them on the lawn itself can also prove to be a good and effective fertilizer. It acts as natural and organic compost and increases the quality of the soil.

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