Replanting your lawn becomes necessary when it gets ruined by rampant growth of weeds or deficiency of organic matter. Explore the tips given in the article and know how to replant lawn.

How To Replant Lawn

Acute soil compaction, uncontrolled growth of weeds, heavy thatch or deficiency of nutrients and organic matter can lead to the destruction of a lawn. In such a situation, removing the existing turf and replanting the lawn is the only way to prevent it from getting ruined further. Replanting a lawn is not a tough job. All the life can be brought back to the place by planting seeds, sprigs and laying sods. If you want to know the ways to replant the place, go through this article. You will get some tips on how to replant the lawn, in the following lines.
Replanting Your Lawn
One of the best ways to replant lawn is to scatter seeds. Prepare the soil before planting the seeds, by removing all the turf from the area. Now, plant the seeds by hand, leaving even space between them. Keep the soil moist by irrigating it during germination period. Planting the seeds in the fall season is recommended, as this will ensure vigorous plant growth.While choosing the species of the seeds, make sure that they can be easily grown in your lawn’s soil.
You can also replant the lawn by planting sods throughout the place. Purchase carpet-like sheets of grass and cut them into the desired length. Make use of a sharpened carpet knife or masonry trowel to cut the sod into round or square pieces. Before laying the sod, apply a starter fertilizer, like phosphorus, to the surface of the soil and lightly irrigate the area. Using a lawn roller, roll the site immediately after the sod is laid.
To replant a lawn, you can plant sprigs of plants in it. After planting sprigs on the site, 3 to 4 inches apart, cover their roots with soil. Keep them moist and free of weeds, until the grass is deep-rooted. Frequent and light irrigation becomes mandatory when the root system of the sprigs is growing.
  • The lawn should be seeded at the appropriate time and at the rate recommended for the chosen species of seeds.
  • Use nitrogen fertilizer 6 weeks after germination of seeds.
  • Do not forget to keep the sod moist, until it is well rooted.

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