Organizing kids’ rooms is a daunting task, which requires a lot of patience. Go through this article to get some tips on how to organize children room.

Organizing Kids Rooms

Organizing kids’ rooms requires planning and a lot of patience on the part of the parent. Setting up bins, baskets and boxes in corners of the room help a great deal in reducing the clutter. You can also simplify the task by sorting out the stuff, according to the usability and frequency of using the item - be it your children’s toys or clothes. In the following lines, we have provided some tips to help you in organizing kids’ rooms in very less time.
How To Organize Children Room
Sort the clothes into three categories - most frequently used, occasional wears and outgrown. Throw away the outgrown clothes that have been occupying space in your child’s closet since long. Now, adjust the height of the shelves, according to the reach of your kid. Place the most frequently used clothes in the lower shelf. Arrange the occasional wears and dress-up clothes in the top shelf. Install storage bins or shoe boxes in the corners, to keep small items, such as socks and handkerchief.
Sweatpants, toys, shoes and papers may be lying around everywhere on the floor of your kid's room. Remove all the dirty clothes from the floor and toss them into the laundry baskets, placed at strategic locations in your kids’ room, like corners or near the bed. Under-the-bed storage boxes are nice option to keep the toys. Make use of rectangular storage bins with wheels. You can also install a wall-mounted hammock, for stuffed animals, at one of the corners of the room.
Display all the artwork made by your children by hanging them on one of the walls of the room. Laminate them or put them into inexpensive frames. Bulletin board is also a must-have in your child's rooms, as it helps organize the photos, collage work and medals in a proper way. Photos and birthday cards can be neatly displayed on the board.
Study Table
Separate the books and notebooks and place them in shelves. Take out the stuff from the drawer and sort it out. Arrange the pencils and pens on the pencil holder. Place the whitener, stapler, all pins and other stationery items inside the drawer. Make sure that drawers are shallow because, the deeper they are, the more your kids will stuff them. Make use of cardboard dividers to keep the stationery items neatly organized inside the drawer.
Your child may have the habit of using the bed as the study table, to finish his/her homework. As a result, piles of books and notebooks may make the bed look messy. Help your child clear all the clutter and put the books back on the shelf provided in the study table.

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