Choosing the right color for kids’ rooms can be a tedious task. We bring you some ideas for kids’ room color that will help you zero in on the right one.

Color For Kids Rooms

There is nothing more enjoyable than painting rooms for kids and see them smile wide when their fresh new room is ready! Kids have a unique imagination and sometimes, their ideas may bowl you over. They should also be made a part of the task of choosing a room color as they may have a certain image in mind that you won’t. With kids around, you won’t have to worry about creativity! However, if you still require ideas, we have given below a plethora of them to help you choose the right color for kids’ rooms.
Traditional Colors
The traditional or conventional colors include pink and blue. Ideally, girls are associated with pinks and boys with blue. So if you have a little girl, consider warm shades of pink like baby pink for the walls and a slightly darker shade for the door or windows. You can have pink pillows, matching pink bed sheets with cute graffiti on them. Likewise, if you have little boys, consider doing up their walls in baby blue and the doors in a shade lighter than cobalt blue. Get dark blue pillows and co-ordinate them light blue sheets.
Warm Colors
Warm colors for kids’ rooms are also a good idea to paint the walls with. Warm colors belong to the red side of the color palate and can be used as lighter shades of colors like orange and red. These colors tend to provide warm, intimate and relaxing atmosphere in the room and make a person feel comfortable and pampered. Take care not to use these colors in bright tones as they have a tendency to excite or stimulate or even make a person aggressive.
Cool Colors
Cool colors are basically found on the blue side of the color palate. They are called cool colors since they have the ability to cool and calm down a stressed out kid. Try not to use these colors in dark shades as that can have adverse effects on the kid. Darker shades tend to depress the person and also drain out energy. Use colors like blue-green, light blue, baby blue, light violet and even a combination of blue and white. It will cool down your kid to a great extent and make him/her cheerful.
Neutral / Ground Colors
Neutral or ground or muted colors are also an ideal choice for painting a kids room with. These colors are natural colors and provide a sense of well-being, comfort and relaxation. These colors are found in nature and include shades like grays, browns, beige, light yellows, muted yellow, creams, etc. If your kid is a bit hyperactive, consider painting the room in one of these shades and you will yourself see the calming effect.

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