Have you grown up, but still do not know how to shine shoes, including leather ones? Don’t worry. Read this article and get excellent tips on polishing shoes.

How To Shine Shoes

You must have heard the adage ‘you can always spot a gentleman by the shoes he wears’. Believe it or not, people still go by this adage and a person who wears clean and polished shoes is considered a well-mannered individual, even today. Infact, dirty and unclean shoes indicate that you are a shabby person by nature and conjure a bad image in the eyes of other people. So, next time make sure to shine your shoes before stepping out of the house. In case you do not know how to shine shoes, we are here to help you. Check out the tips given below on polishing shoes, including leather ones.
How to Shine Shoes
Items Needed
  • Damp Cloth
  • Dry Cotton Cloth
  • Shoe Brush
  • Shoe Polish
  • Old Toothbrush 
  • First of all, buy a can of wax or crème shoe polish, matching with the color of your shoes, from the market.
  • Remove dust and dirt from the surface of your shoes. Use a damp cloth for the purpose.
  • With the help of shoe brush, take out a conservative amount of polish from the can and apply it on the shoes.
  • Move the shoe brush over the shoes, in a circular motion, till they get covered with a dull coating of polish.
  • For covering the tight spots of the shoes, which cannot be reached by the brush, make use of an old toothbrush.
  • After covering the shoes with polish completely, keep them aside for around 15 min and let the polish dry.
  • Take the shoe brush and brush the shoes with it. Do not use more shoe polish. Just brush on the dried polish on the shoes.
  • With the help of a dry and clean cotton cloth, buff the shoes till they get a gleaming shine. You can also use an old sweat sock or T-shirt for the purpose. 
Tips on Polishing Shoes 
  • Never ever polish suede, rough-out or patent leather shoes.
  • Try to avoid ‘instant shine’ shoe polish as much as possible. It can harm your shoes.
  • Never ever use black shoe polish on dark brown shoes or vice versa.

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