Decorating your home in a western style adds a rustic look t your abode. Check out western style home decor.

Decorating In A Western Style

Has the countryside look always fascinated you? Have you always dreamt of being surrounded by the rustic elements of the Wild West? Here is your chance to fulfill your dream. Also known as Rustic, Cowboy, Cabin or even Mountain style, the classic look of the Wild West is incomparable. It has its own old-world charm and exudes warmth. The key to achieving that western style décor at home is by including as many natural elements as possible. These natural elements or materials include wood, metal, leather, rocks, beadwork, birch bark, etc. Check out some ideas on western style home décor. 
  • First and foremost thing that you would think of is the furniture. In a western style, the furniture is usually huge and bulky. Get a big couch with leather finish in a dark brown shade. The bed can have a dominating headrest with carvings and rough woolen blankets neatly folded. You can have massive tables and big rocking chairs to adorn the living room.
  • The flooring is generally made of hardwood. Adding recycled floor boards will lend an authentic look to the room. Also, don’t forget to place rugs at strategic places like near the bed and below the center table for that extra warm look.
  • The color scheme is a western decoration revolves around anything that is rustic and looks natural. For colors of walls and furniture and accent colors, think honey colored wood, brick red, terra cotta, forest green, cream, gray, etc. These colors can be used in co-ordination with the furniture.
  • An essential element of this décor is the fireplace. It should be done up in wooden colors and will definitely add a rustic look to your home. Place artificial antlers right above the mantle for a rugged look.
  • A western style décor is all about accessorizing. Decorate the walls with rustic items like pictures of horses or even rifles. Place rustic or wrought iron table lamps in your house. Get a small statue of a horse and place it in your living room. Get rustic and classic items like cowboy hats, candle holders, baskets, copper pots, horse shoe, pines, wild flowers, etc and decorate your home.
  • The lighting needs to be soft so as to create a rustic and mystical ambience. Get a single big chandelier for your living room and small ones for your bedroom. If you can, get it wired to a dimmer switch so that you can adjust the amount of light according to the ambience you want to create.

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