Kids and children love to see a colorful playroom. Here are some décor tips for color, design and ideas for decorating a play room.

Playroom Decorating Ideas

Kids and children have to have their separate playroom as they grow up. There has to be an extra room in the house, dedicated just for the little bundle of energy. If you don’t, consider turning your store-room into a playroom or covering a part of your verandah or terrace into one. You really don’t want a screaming kid running at full speed across the living room with an airplane in hand, threatening to break that crystal vase into tiny pieces! Kids need their own space for playing and jumping around. Here are some ideas and tips that will help you in deciding the décor of your kid’s play room.
Choose your Color
It is always easy to choose the color first, before going forward with the décor. With a fixed color in mind, you can co-ordinate the designing of the rest of the playroom with it. The traditional choice would be to go for pink if it is a girl and blue if it is a boy. But what if, you have both? Choose patterned wallpapers in colors like light green, yellow, lemon, peach, mauve, etc. You may also paint the room in these colors. The beds, tables, pillows, sheets, curtains etc. can be bought in co-ordination to the color of the walls.
Dream Theme
Choosing a practical theme would be the best choice for decorating the kid’s playroom. You can always ask the children if they have any ideas for the theme. Don’t underestimate kids; you will be amazed by their co-operation and ideas. Either choose popular Disney characters for the theme or keep in mind the special talent of the kid while decorating the playroom.
What does your kid love to do? Paint, sing, build amazing shapes with blocks? Then, make sure you allot a special corner in the playroom or use it as the theme to allow him/her to use and enhance that skill. So the next time, you daughter uses the walls of your living room as her canvas, consider giving her a personal space in the playroom where she can have her own drawing board, colors, etc. to channel her talent.
Spacing and Arrangement
There should be enough space in the room to let the kid move around without any inhibitions. If the room is a small one, don’t place too much furniture and make sure the room is not cluttered. There should be a shelf or a rack where the toys can be arranged properly. If there is enough space, you can arrange rocking chairs, small tables and chairs for the child to sit and relax. Windows should be covered with curtains, which should be coordinated with the color of the room. With these things in mind, you can easily create a special playroom for your children and see them smile wide!

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