While deciding on exercise room décor, you need to keep certain tips in mind. In this article, we have provided a number of home gym decorating ideas for your convenience.

Exercise Room Decorating Ideas

Setting up a gym at home is a very good idea, especially for people who find going to the gym a big chore. It helps you set up your own pace of exercise and most of all; you can adjust your exercise time as per your requirements. You can easily go from exercising in the evening to exercising in the morning, without having to bother about informing anyone about the same. However, setting up a home gym is not a very easy task. You need to keep a number of tips in mind, especially while buying the equipments and decorating your exercise room. To help you out with the latter task, we have provided a number of ideas below. Just follow them and make your exercise room an inviting and inspiring one.
Tips and Ideas for Exercise Room Décor 
  • “A picture speaks a thousand words”. Put up a few motivating pictures on the walls, like that of a person with a hot bod. It will help you in tiding over those days when you are not at all in the mood for exercising.
  • Exercising in a completely silent room can be boring and tire you out soon. Put up a music system in your home gym, along with some CDs with fast tracks. I would advise you against TV, as it is more likely to distract you than motivate you.
  • Go green. Keeping 2-3 live plants in your home gym will not only give it a fresh look, but also help clean and purify the air. In short, you will get aesthetic as well as health benefits.
  • Make sure to put up the right type of lighting, at the right place, in your exercise room. Adjust it in such a way that it flatters your figure/physique. If you look good in the mirror, you will be motivated to work out more.
  • Rubber mats and cushioned mats are one of the basic items in a gym, especially for doing yoga or floor-based exercises. Be a little creative and get mats of different colors and textures, which contrast with the color of the walls and ceiling.
  • The exercise room should look inviting. Putting bright colored wallpaper or painting the walls in a bright color will go a long way towards building up your mood. Pastel shades like cream, beige, etc will make the place look dull and boring and in turn, dampen your spirits.
  • While buying machines and other items for your gym, take the size of the exercise room into consideration. Buy only those equipments that you plan to use and please do not overfill the room. It will not only be an eyesore, but also make it hard for you to move around.
  • You are bound to get thirsty while exercising. Instead of carrying a bottle around with you everywhere, why don’t you keep a mini fridge stocked with water and your favorite juice, sports drinks, etc.
  • Last, but not the least. Decorate the gym in the way you would decorate any other room in your home. Put up things that would make you want to come here. You can place a fish tank, your own pictures or any other item there, as long as it makes you feel welcome.

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