Indian room decor has recently become a popular trend. Explore this article to find various decorating ideas for an Indian room.

Indian Room Decor

Bright colors, rich carvings and glittering accents are best used to describe an Indian style decor. While redesigning your home in the Indian style, you have to first consider the look that you want to reveal, i.e., modern, contemporary or antique. Since an Indian style home symbolizes warmth and hospitality, Indian decor should be family oriented. It is vital to ensure that your home has a centric living room with a large dining table. All you need to do is to make a few changes to cheer up your interiors, giving your abode an Indian touch. Go ahead and find various different ideas for decorating a room in an Indian style and give it a refreshingly vibrant Indian feel. Let your room exhibit warmth and livability filled with lots of color and brightness.
Decorating Ideas For An Indian Room
The authentic Indian look talks of bright colors and vibrant hues. A wide variety of colors, such as bold reds, brilliant turquoise and vibrant orange are balanced with a glitter of gold embroidery and lacquer. Remember, while decorating a room in the Indian style; exhibit a fine mixture of neutrals and basic hues so that the colors are welcoming rather than overpowering. Layered colors also work well for an Indian themed room. You can opt for one shade of turquoise for the curtains, another shade for throw pillows and a third one for the walls.
Elaborately carved wood is very important in Indian décor. Archways, window lattices, pillars, balconies and even ceilings can be found displaying intricate woodwork. You can introduce this woodwork into your home through carved furniture, accent pieces, mirrors and picture frames. Embellish the wood furniture with carvings and ivory, metal or brass wire inlays. For a more specific Indian themed room, go for darker woods, such as walnut, sandalwood, teak, sheesham, ebony, redwood, rosewood and red cedar. In case you wish to go for low-budget carved wood furnishings, Indian cane or bamboo would be perfect.
Fabrics and Textiles
Due to the popularity of decorating homes in an Indian style, you can easily find bed sets, pillows, window treatments and cushions made from Indian textiles. These days, bright saris and wide pieces of cloth worn by Indian women as traditional wraps form a common decorative fabric. Saris can be used to make curtains. Apart from that, they can also be pieced together to make colorful bedspreads and throw pillows.
Complement your huge sofa with colorful silk cushions. Add a glass paneled display cabinet and an easy chair with a woven cane back. Use Indian theme diyas or small kerosene lamps instead of candles. Tapestries of Indian village scenes, peacocks, tigers and other suitable subjects on the room walls look great and extend an Indian feel to the room. For the flooring, you can go for traditional Indian carpets that are woven from wool or silk. You can also use rugs made from jute, bamboo, grass and cotton. Kashmiri carpets featuring floral designs can also be preferred.
Entrance Treatment
Lord Ganesha is a famous Indian deity and is often placed at the entrance of an Indian home, as it is considered as the ‘Remover of Obstacles’. Place the idol or painting of Ganesha at least a foot above the ground facing the rooms within the house. You can also place an earthen or brass basin filled with lotus candles. Surround the basin with small earthen animal figurines for an aesthetic touch.

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