Be a little creative and choose a unique and perfect name for your dog that will stand out. Are you wondering how to go about with it? For tips on selecting your dog’s name, go through the article.

Selecting Your Dog’s Name

Dogs are the most faithful friends of human beings. By wagging their tails, licking, jumping and wanting to play with us, these protective creatures express their love towards us. When it comes to reciprocating the same love, we can express this by the way we take care of them, the time we spend with them, and they way we communicate with them. Dog is one amongst the many pets, which gets very close to the family and treated like one of the members of the family. It gives a lot of love and care and protects its master from strangers. In return, this canine companion just asks for love and care. One of the ways through which you can project your love towards your dog mate is by bestowing upon it a unique, loving name. To learn about how to choose the perfect dog name, go through the lines below.
How To Choose The Perfect Dog Name
  • The name you choose for your dog speaks volumes about you and your dog. The name of your dog projects how much you care for your dog, and also your relationship with it. Since the name of your pet will define the reaction of the people, the name should be such that it should categorize the canine as a dog with positive personality. Therefore, it is important to name your dog with full interest and after a lot of research.
  • Your pet’s name should be easy to memorize and pronounce. The name should be short and devoid of any tongue twisters. It should be clear and uncomplicated, so that every time you pronounce the name of your dog, it responds immediately.
  • Remember that the name you christen your dog with would go ahead and become the identity of the canine in the public. Therefore, the name should not be funny or embarrassing. Your dog’s name should be one, which is both easy to call and one which you don’t feel hesitant to call aloud. For e.g. calling out ‘Jack’ or ‘Sam’ will be less embarrassing than calling out ‘Death Breath’ or ‘Monster’.
  • If you are choosing a long name for your dog, then do remember to create a short version of the same so that it is easy to call out. However, long names which get shortened, lose on their original effect which you intended to portray. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a short, easy name.
  • Avoid similar sounding names. Your dog’s name should not sound like some other word, especially standard commands like ‘No’, ‘Stay’, ‘Sit’, or ‘Fetch’. If your dog’s name sounds similar to any other word or these standard commands, it is likely that your canine mate would get confused between its name and any of these commands. Choose a different name to keep things simple for both you and your dog.
  • Your dog’s name should define his personality type. You shouldn’t name a calm, quiet and lean dog as ‘Tiger’. It is advisable to wait for few days to watch and read your dog’s behavior. The personality, appearance and behavior of your dog can help you choose the apt name.
  • The dog’s breed, heritage and place of origin can also inspire its name. You can keep a name similar to the breed and place of origin of your dog, which makes it simple and less complicated for you to name your dog. Also, it would be different amidst the sea of everyday names.
  • It would be intelligent and smart on your part to choose a name that blends well with your dog at all the stages of your pet’s development. For e.g., ‘pug’ or any such names resembling your dog when it was a puppy would sound great during the initial months, but would not suit the canine when it grows up.
  • You can go creative and bestow upon the name of your favorite food, novel or place of interest on your dog. Naming the dog inspired by the name of the protagonists used in dog films can also be a great way to connect with your dog. This makes your pet more affectionate and closer to you.

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