A typical Indian bedroom beautifully blends the traditional styles with embellishing touches of the contemporary decor. Read the article to explore decorating ideas for an Indian bedroom decor.

Indian Bedroom Decor

Being the largest continent in the world, Asia has several different decorating styles. With many different religions, regions and cultures, the continent’s décor is as diverse as the people living here. The Asian décor includes two popular and different styles, the oriental décor and the South Asian décor. Talking about South Asian décor, this type of decoration has an exotic beauty and appeal of different styles. Indian décor is one of the types of South Asian décor. Boasting of a rich and diverse cultural history, one can find peace and tranquility in an Indian home. Apart from reflecting the rich cultural heritage of India, the decorating style also has glimpses from the cultures of other Asian countries. In case you too are looking for ideas on decorating your bedroom in a traditional Indian way, glance through the article and give a touch of elegance and authenticity to your room.
Decorating Ideas For An Indian Bedroom
The typical Indian furniture boasts of exotic woods with an emphasis on finely crafted detailing, such as inlaid stones and wooden patterns. The common woods used include teak, red cedar, mahogany, ebony and rosewood in an overall rich, dark shade. If you are going for simpler woods, opt for furniture pieces that are finished with dark stains to give them an exotic wood look. You can have furniture pieces that are painted in traditional Indian style of architecture or colorful patterns and designs.
Indian styled bedrooms can often be found draped in richly decorative and colorful fabrics, which exude a regal and imperial touch. Fabrics usually include printed cottons and silk. You can also have other fabric items that have been beautifully decorated with beads and embroidery. Have brightly colored, patterned sheets with vividly colored pillow cases in solid colors. Beautiful and bright colors are used for decorative items, such as rugs, furniture upholstery, wall tapestries, pillows and bed linens.
Art has always played an important role when it comes to decorating and accentuating an Indian bedroom. It is usually portrayed with the help of mythical or magical creatures, and traditional and historical designs. Add statues depicting India’s rich mythical and cultural heritage to incorporate the overall traditional Indian look. You can even go for sculptures or paintings, which reflect the unparallel cultural hues of the country.
Color Palette and Style
An Indian bedroom is characterized by rich and vibrant colors. Use cheerful and bright colors for the walls, such as warm yellow, cheerful orange and bright reds. You can also go for pink, fuchsia and purple. These colors perfectly blend with the richly colored fabrics, adding a charismatic appeal to the room. Use soft furnishings like throw cushions and bed covers in colors like bright pinks, maroons and vibrant oranges. You can also opt for floral designs like lotus, mangoes, peacocks and other Indian symbols to attain a sumptuous look.

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