You can now impart your bedroom a luxurious décor, that too by following the simplest of tips. Go through the article and explore some of the best luxury bedroom decorating ideas.

Luxury Bedroom Décor

Have you always dreamt of having a bedroom as luxurious as that of the rich and famous people? Now, this is no more a dream! We bring you some helpful tips to get a grand look for your bedroom. You need to look into each and every minute details of your bedroom to get a luxury bedroom décor. Almost everything that is a part of the room, right from the wall paint, furniture and lampshades to floor, curtains and carpet, has to be considered while planning a luxury bedroom décor. What more, the majestic look of your bedroom can really boost up your romantic life as well! Read the tips given below and start decorating your bedroom in a luxurious way.
Luxury Bedroom Decorating Ideas 
  • Incorporate different textures into your bedroom, to turn it into a luxurious retreat for yourself. Buy a silk duvet cover, along with the bedding, in impart it an extremely lavish appeal.
  • Hang suede curtains on the window and place a velvet wing chair near it. This will make for your reading nook.
  • Put flokati area rug at the foot of your bed and make your bed look grand.
  • Avoid the cookie-cutter headboard. Get an oversized tufted headboard and frame your bed. If possible, go for a headboard that has been framed with dark wood.
  • Create a focal wall behind your bed and make your bed shine out from the whole area of your bedroom. You can create the focal wall by applying some exquisite painting techniques, using bold paint colors. Another convenient way to make a focal wall is by using a wall paper with metallic accents and bold pattern.
  • You can think of applying nautical theme for your bedroom décor. Paint blue and white stripes vertically on the wall. Top off the stripes with an eggshell finish, so that they get a slight shimmer. You can decorate your room further by choosing navy pillows, ottomans, sconces and couches match.
  • If possible, replace the old furniture items in your bedroom with new ones. Else, you can simply go for repainting the old furniture and give it majestic look. Take care that the color of the furniture goes well with the color of your bedroom walls.
  • Get a king size bed for your bedroom, with a canopy at the top. You can hang curtains from the bed as well, which can lend a romantic feel to the entire room.
  • You can hang your most memorable picture at the top of the bed. The picture needs to be of large size, so that it stands out in proportion to the room. Also, be selective about the frame that you choose to enclose the picture.
  • You can place a mini-refrigerator in your bedroom and fill it with crystal ice bucket, bottle of Dom Perignon, whipped cream, strawberries and fruits.
  • Go for the hardwood flooring or special tiles for your bedroom floor. Lay an exquisite carpet, to give it a grand look.
  • Use a sweet room freshener to spread a wonderful perfume throughout. Put on soft, dim light to give the finishing effect to your luxurious home décor.
  • Finally, keep your room clean and tidy. No matter how many luxurious materials you put in, unless you keep them clean they will fail to make your bedroom look luxurious.

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