Is your teenage daughter demanding a decorated bedroom? If yes, do not worry. This article will give you tips you could employ to decorate her bedroom.

Girl’s Bedroom Decor

Gone are the days of laces, frills and pink bedrooms. Today’s teenage girls have new ideas of how they want and expect their bedrooms to be. Your little daughter has turned into a teenager and her needs have changed as well. From now on her bedroom is going to be her nest where she is going to spend quality time daydreaming, studying, sleeping, and maybe even spending some time preening before the mirror appreciating her own beauty. Bring out all the creativity in you to build the castle of her dreams. Make sure that everything falls under your budget. Today, even a pre-school girl has her own choice. So, consult your daughter to know her choice of themes and colors. May be her interest from barbie has shifted to football and cricket. It is going to be fun filled memorable moments for both of you. This will be a time where you are going to bond with your teenage daughter. Here are some ideas which you can employ to turn your daughter’s room into her dream paradise she so desires.
Tips For Decorating A Girl’s Bedroom
It is essential for you as a parent to consult with your daughter the ideas she would love to include in the decoration of her bedroom. She may like her room to be bright with flowers or bold patterns. You can let her choose a theme of her liking such as dinosaurs, lady bugs, butterflies, pirates and treasure, beach and surfing, aviation, rollerblading or even fast cars. If that is her style, incorporate it into the walls or in her linen and as other decorative knick-knacks around the room. At times she may even love animal themes or she may simply love colors of the rainbow. So discuss and decide the theme first.
Painting is an inexpensive method to decorate the room. You may choose vibrant colors like purple, green, orange and pink which teen girls usually love. Certain colors like orange, red and yellow are usually warm colors and they give an overwhelming look.Therefore, use only lighter shades of these colors. However, make sure you do not use these colors for smaller rooms as it will make the space look even smaller. Certain colors like green, blue and violet are usually known as cool colors as they give a calm and serene look to the room. These colors are best suited for a smaller room. Select the color combinations according to the theme you narrow down on.

There are various shops from where you can select furniture according to theme you have decided on. You can even browse through magazines for new designs. If new furniture doesn’t fit your budget, you can opt for a thrift shop nearby, where you can get good wooden furniture at cheaper rates. You can have it repainted and varnished to give it a new look. Study tables and chairs can also be included. It is also a good idea for you to keep a cupboard and a chest of draws for your daughter to store her clothing in. A dressing table with a huge mirror and a lot of storage place to store all her cosmetics also adds to the elegance of the room.
Decorative Accessories
You can include shelves, fun artwork, bamboo furniture, decorative pillows to add to the overall look of a teenage girl's bedroom. If your daughter loves animal prints on her pillows and cushion covers, feel free to add them. All these will accentuate the look of her room. Remember to paint shelves with bold colors to equal other decorations. You can also frame a section of some ornamental material and hang it on the wall. You can also hang posters, prints, and removable wall stickers for that extra enhancing touch. For all the above ideas, make sure that you allow your daughter to help choose what is hung on her walls. This will guarantee that she is thrilled about the overall design of her room.

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