Most lipsticks are smudge proof and long lasting, and so they are especially hard to remove. Explore the article to know how to remove lipstick from clothes.

How To Remove Lipstick From Clothes

The sensuousness of the lips is further enhanced by lipsticks. So, it is always to one’s advantage to add some colors to the lips. Not only does lipstick enhance the look but it also endows one with the flexibility to change the look by a mere touch on the lips. But adding color to the lips can lead to various disadvantages. For example, it is very common to stain clothes with lipstick. After all one is not always expected to be careful. And some people use hankies to straighten the lipstick line on the lips making sure that it follows the curve. Thus to wash the stains, the normal method won’t do. And then for suspicious women, searching for lipstick stain among their beaus cloth is a favorite pastime. So, when the partner manages to clear his name, the task that now falls on the women’s head is to clear the stains from the cloth. If you do not adopt any specialized treatment then the stain will become an ugly blot on the cloth. To remove the lipstick smear effectively there are various ingredients that can help you get rid of it. To know what these are, read below.
Tips To Get Rid Of Lipstick From Clothes 
  • Put a small amount of rubbing alcohol on the lipstick, smear and using a paper towel blot the fabric, until the lipstick disappears. Repeat the process again and again, until the stain disappears. Then rinse the cloth with water.
  • Rubbing the lipstick stain with petroleum jelly is also a good way to remove the smear. After using the petroleum jelly, sprinkle some baking soda. Then wash the cloth.
  • Using a hair spray is also very effective in removing lipstick stain. Spray it on the smear and then blot dry it using a paper towel. Repeat the process until the stain disappears. Then wash as usual.
  • You can also rub the lipstick stain with a dishwashing detergent. Add the detergent on the stain and then rub it gently using your fingers until the stain disappears. Wash the cloth.
  • If the lipstick stain is hard to remove, then it is better to use a stain stick. Apply the stick on the lipstick and set it aside for several minutes. Then launder the cloth.
  • Another method is to first blot the stain using plain water and a paper towel. Then soak a cotton ball with ammonia and dab the stain. Keep on dubbing the stain till it fades. Then wash the cloth with warm water.
  • Bleach is also very effective in removing lipstick stain. You can use normal bleach for white fabrics, black bleach for dark cloth, and color bleach for colored cloth. Apply the bleach with a soft bristled brush and gently swish the smear in circular motion.
  • Dry cleaning the cloth is also another effective method. As soon as you detect the stain, blot dry it with normal water. Then air dry the fabric. This will prevent the stain from setting in. Then send it to your dry cleaner.

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